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Do you want to be a Rhino or a Cow?

The Rhino Revolution is about choice:  Rhino or Cow?  Do you want your hopes and dreams tied up with some liberal, government bonehead who you think is out trying to improve your life?  Doesn’t it make more sense to believe that you are the only one who can really make a difference in the quality and direction of your life?  This is the difference between charging free as a Rhino or being taken care of as a cow in the Socialist pasture.    Rhinos want to be left alone and not have cow’s values imposed on us.

You are relatively free right now, but the fence is being built for the cow pasture and the hay is being brought in.  Rhinos want to be free – free to fail, but also free to succeed with no limits. We want to be free to keep what we make, but also free to give and support any cause that we believe in.  We want to be free to choose our own course.

With all the exciting possibilities of life, how sad it would be to let an arrogant group of politicians determine the course of your life.  And believe me, they want to do it!!!   If we let them, socialists would say not only how much we are going to earn but how we are going to spend it.  Do you want your kid’s children to be asked when they are young, “What do they want you to be when you grow up?”    They would determine how many children we will be allowed to have, what kind of car we will drive (if they even allow us to have cars), what we will watch on TV, what we eat and what we believe about God.   There are lots of people right now who passionately want to control these very things.

There are lots of cows who look to the politicians to run their lives.  People who want cradle to grave security are certainly going to find those who love the power of imposing it on them.   As Radicals, we must bust up this downward spiral by first changing people’s attitudes towards thinking that government is the answer to their problems.  This is a tough assignment, because millions have been trapped and brainwashed by the Democrat Supercows for years in this vicious cycle.

Why work if the government will pay you?   Why try to come up with a plan for your success when the government already has the Lotto program in place?  Why aspire to be a millionaire, only to have it taxed away from you?   Why help your neighbor if the government is there to do it?    Come on!   Let’s get out of this sewer of Cowllectivism and make this country strong by making its citizens strong.  Let’s start weaning people away from the sagging breasts of the government.   How about inspiring people rather than frightening them?  Let’s be a nation of producers rather than a nation of whining babies waiting to be spoon fed.  Get radical!!!!     Scott Alexander


Copyright 2011 by Scott Robert Alexander

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06 2009

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  1. 1

    Wow! amazing insight. I love the line about Hummers being evil. How did we let this happen?

  2. 2

    Having recently finished off your book Rhinoceros Success this prompted me to take up your sequel Rhinocerotic Relativity. A cracking read upto the 3rd chapter where you have seemed to have lost your way. Far too much about the bible and JC and I have to agree with the comment on the back of your book from the anthropological society. You have lost any future sales from ourselves and will not be recommending these as a good read. PS. God made cows as well.

  3. 3


    I’m a professor at the state university in St Petersburg Russia and I happened to see your book Rhinoceros Success on one of my students, I’m very impressed with what you have written but more so with the fact that a Russian Journalist student had a copy of your book – because of the way in which I teach he thought I would like to read it, I operate my own business here in Russia helping multi national corporations help their employees improve their English. I am from Canada and have been living here in Russia for 5 years – I have definitely seen more Rhinos than cows here – I guess 70 years of socialism does that )))

  4. 4

    Well stated. Atlas has shrugged. But the Lord Jesus won’t shrug. Hold on until He rights the ship. Whatever form that takes.

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