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Hey! Look at me! I am a Community Organizer!

I am changing careers.  I am still going to write books and speak, but my new job is “Community Organizer”.   Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis.  Maybe I ought to just go buy a Harley Davidson or a Corvette.     No, I am going to help the oppressed: the achievers, the entrepreneurs, the talented, the dreamers, the contributors, the Rhinos.   We are an endangered species and our jungle is quickly being transformed into a huge, stinking cow pasture.  I don’t want to be a cow and chew my food twice for excitement.  I think that the United States and our free enterprise system are worth fighting for.

The current Supercow government has this philosophy – “If it moves, tax it.  If it keeps moving, regulate it.  If it stops moving, subsidize it.”

The Rhino Revolution philosophy will be – “If it moves, or wants to move, get the government out of the way and see how far it will go.”

Government’s role is to protect us as we pursue our dreams.  That is it!  They are not to provide retirement programs, health care, welfare payments, food stamps or the 1,001 give away programs they impose on our nation.  The government is becoming a huge, bloated tick that is slowly sucking the life out of us.   If we allow it to continue, we will eventually be a dried up carcass and a footnote in the history of nations that came and went.

Dreamers! Please join me in the Revolution.  Consider becoming a Community Organizer yourself!  Vote for freedom fighting candidates.  Spread the word about the evils of big government.  And most important, KEEP CHARGING!!!    Scott Alexander


Gotta have a dream!!!

Copyright 2010 by Scott Alexander

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06 2009

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  1. Denise #

    Please buy the Harley…I’ll come down for a ride for Sure!

  2. Dave #

    Is there any wonder why I subscribe to this blog? It is the perfect voice in this dessert.

    I watch the President of the UNITED STATES decry his enemies (other Americans), omit words from our Bill of Rights, and speak of a car in a ditch (which is now being driven by a blind man) in a comedian’s tempo as if to reassure the cows that he has the answer. Our government has forgotten that it is by the people for the people. They ignore the will of the people and claim to know better, while admitting that they don’t even read the legislation before they vote on it. Don’t worry if it was really bad would the “dude” be on The Daily Show?

    Scott I am so afraid that an old Rhino like me has no place in the new change. I fear that all Rhinos will be caged, that the spirit of America that brings goose bumps to our two-inch thick skin, when we hear the National Anthem, will be deemed a terminal disease under Obama-care; and that we will be put down.

    Of course my brother I will scream from every street corner the evils of a government that has forgotten it’s purpose. But as I watch the election results, Tuesday, I fear that I will shake my head and wonder if all the cows have gone deaf.

  3. scott #

    Rhinos founded the country, rhinos settled the country, rhinos built the country and now rhinos are going to have to save the country. To hell with the cows. Rhinos will prevail. Thanks, Dave!!

  4. Tim #

    Just read your book Rhinoceros Success. Awesome stuff. Now I’ve discovered your blog here and I’m loving it even more. It’s really refreshing to see that common sense hasn’t gone extinct yet (politicians and media are working on making that happen in overtime mode). Thank you for what you do. God bless you Scott!

  5. scott #

    I appreciate that, Tim! Thank you and keep charging!!!

  6. 6

    dont buy the Harley, if you dream about it, build it.

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