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A Radical Imagines…

The Beatles are my favorite band, but there is one song by John Lennon that I can’t stand to listen to. If it comes on the radio, I switch the channel. It’s not the arrangement, the beat or the melody that I detest. It is the lyrics that scare me and the fact that this song has become an anthem to a large group of people who want to control every aspect of our lives. The song is “Imagine” by John Lennon.

One of John’s first appeals is for all of us to imagine living without heaven, hell or religion. The liberals already have their religion, humanism, in place and all these other religions are messing up their plans. They want you to believe in the government, not God. God has wacko religious ideas like not killing the unborn, and commandments that include no lying, no adultery, etc. Who died and made Him God? No one is going to tell them what is right and wrong. Religion must go. Good idea, John!

Imagine a world where we look to Washington for comfort. Barack Obama will be our savior! All of our needs will be met by Bureaucrats. Everyone has a right to health care, free organic school lunches and all you need for cradle to grave security. Do you know how they are going to provide all this for everyone? “Imagine no possessions.” Another groovy idea, John! Take everything away from the evil, rich people and give it to the less fortunate. The liberals want no self-reliant individuals in their land. Everyone must look East toward the Obama Kingdom and bow with respect, for these people know what is best for you.

They have laws, licenses, taxes, surcharges and fees that they will use to bend you to do what they want. Liberals do not want you driving a big, fancy car so they charge you a “gas guzzler tax” to try to stop you. Eventually, they will just make it illegal to produce the cars they don’t like. Imagine no possessions … walking is better for the environment, but only on approved footpaths.

John Lennon also suggests in his song to imagine that there are no countries. There will be no great, powerful USA. They want one bland, homogenized worldwide cow pasture where we all look to them for all our needs and give thanks and worship them. Can you see why I have trouble listening to that song?!

How about I do a little imagining myself, before it is illegal to do any unapproved thinking. Imagine there’s no post office. Imagine there’s no Department of Motor Vehicles. Imagine there are no public schools. Imagine no welfare, no OSHA, no EPA, no social security, no libraries and no public television station. “It’s easy if you try.”

Imagine if we drill for oil all over Alaska, off the coast of California and wherever we find oil. Gas would be cheap if the government was out of the mix. Health care would be affordable if doctors and hospitals weren’t weighed down with so many regulations and lawyers waiting outside the doors. The cost to build new homes and businesses would decrease if the bloody government wasn’t there playing God.

Liberals cry “keep the government out of the bedroom!” Why stop there? They are not welcome in the kitchen, the garage or the living room either! We open the refrigerator and there they are. They are in the medicine cabinet. Just go sit and watch TV and you can feel the Government Omnipresence surrounding you. There is virtually nothing in our lives that is not monitored, controlled and regulated by our bloated, wasteful, inefficient government.

Imagine all this stopping!!! Imagine the people being in control of their lives instead of liberal politicians. Imagine all the land that will go up for sale, because the government should not be in the real estate business. All schools will be privately run. Imagine the social security scam dismantled, all welfare programs eliminated, and there will be no government assistance of any kind. Imagine no more confiscation of your assets, no butting into your life and no motorcycle helmet laws.

There will be a small tax to keep our military strong and to pay our voluntary force of dedicated men and women who risk their lives to protect our great country. We will not hand over billions of dollars to countries who can’t provide for themselves because of their Socialism, Communism or Liberalism. They are free to fight their own Rhino Revolution if they want to get out out their pile of manure.   Imagine…

John Lennon wanted a world where there was nothing to kill or die for. In other words, nothing worth fighting for. I’m imagining a country that, for the first time in world history, gets rid of the strangling, intrusive, enslaving force of government and lets its people achieve unequaled prosperity and new heights of freedom. Yeah, I will fight and die for a country like that. I hope that one day you will join me. Well, well, well. See, John, I can be a dreamer too. – Scott Alexander

Imagine freedom!!

Imagine freedom!!

Copyright 2010 by Scott Robert Alexander

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07 2009

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  1. lorie viola #

    Make me want to pay more attention to what I listen to!!!!

  2. LESLIE S.S. #

    i want to believe john was notw….. heaven is the only place where we will really experience the PEACE john was hungry for… but until that day…stop listening to the fakes and believing they are king….. OB is just a player in a black and white world,,evil and GODLY…THERE IS A SPIRITUAL WAR GOING ON, gotta ask yourself which side do you choose to believe…certainly not an earthly one i hope. JESUS IS KING….

  3. Stephen Ventura #

    I wonder if Lennon believed that heaven exists? I only say this because he wanted us to imagine that there was no heaven. Now I am not suggesting that John Lennon had a saving faith in God, just saying that he may have believed that there is a God.

  4. LESLIE S.S. #

    bravo scott…… sad 🙁 as it to say this, i wonder if john was looking for peace and love in all the wrong places…only GOD knows that one and we will all soon find out…did john make it to the feet of our KINGs honered throne?
    no matter where this old country goes ill never bow to any king , other than my LORDS. ill give to ceasar OB what need to be, after a fight about it..and a fight is what hes gonna get… damn him he has a dollar coin out now that took the IN GOD WE TRUST….W/ THE FACE OF GEORGE WASHINGTON STILL INTACT… … as a fellow rhino i stand with you fighting this cause, God protects the faithful… revelations tell us my dear friend we are in the end times… this is just part of the fight we have to charge/ march to, never to give up on…charge… hang on to your hat and charge… thank u for the lennon insights, im sure the song is tender to deaf ears, after all it sounds peaceful, until the ears and eyes are cleared from the smoke… <3 L.

  5. Eva #

    I don’t think John Lennon meant the song that way that you are taking it. I found this quote by another person who has this to say about the song and I think she says it best:

    “Lennon was asking us to imagine a place where things that divide people (religion, possessions, etc.) did not exist. He felt that would be a much better place.

    This song is a strong political message that is sugarcoated in a beautiful melody. Lennon realized that the softer approach would bring the song to a wider audience, who hopefully would listen to his message.”

  6. 6

    “Imagine a world where we look to Washington for comfort.”
    Unfortunately that is exactly what a lot of people are already doing. Making the government their Lord and Savior instead of Jesus.

    We need to look at the root cause of why things are the way they are…
    What has brought our great Nation from “In God we Trust” to “In money we trust” or in “Clinton,Bush,Obama” we trust?

    Rhino’s know who to trust in, and it’s sure not Uncle Sam.

    In my opinion the people of our Country need to get back to the fear(respect) of God in their own lives, and in their family and then, and only then will it spread to the rest of the Country and to the world.

    Yes, America was founded on State and Religion being separate,and for that I am also thankful, and while we are to have freedom of religion, that does not mean freedom from religion.
    Our Country was founded on Godly principles from the Holy Bible. If you doubt this, look at any Court house and you’ll see the Ten Commandments etched into the wall.

    So let us repent, for Judgment starts at the house of God, who resides in us.
    Let us bring back the freedoms of the U.S.A and be proud once again to be an American!

    Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,


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