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Celebrate freedom by buying a gun.

I live about 2 hours from Tijuana.  Every once in a while, I go over to buy pottery for my yard.  As you approach the border, there is a huge sign on the side of the freeway that reads “GUNS ARE ILLEGAL IN MEXICO”.   I always park on the U.S. side and walk over.  Tijuana is a quaint little example of what a country looks like when it is controlled by Socialists.   You leave lushly landscaped hills in the U.S. and immediately upon entering Mexico, there is no plant life.  Everything is dirty.  There is a crush of substandard housing and a mass of people living in poverty.  Beggars are rampant and the smell of sewage fills the air.

Once in Mexico, I am always filled with a certain uneasiness.  Why would that be?  I know that guns are illegal in Mexico and that is what I am worried about!  Nobody has a gun except the criminals and the police and they both worry me.   I feel unsafe in a country where the government has enslaved its people and will not allow them a necessary way to protect themselves.

Remember, “control” is the favorite word of the liberal.  Control means power, more regulation, bigger government and more stealing.  It doesn’t matter if it is gun control or dictating what kind of light bulbs to use.  It’s all good to them.  If they want to disguise their control they will call it a “clean air bill”.  When they want to hide their stealing, they will call it a “business license fee”.  If they want to change your behavior because they do not approve, they will call it a  “cigarette tax.”

They want to control, and we, as freedom loving Rhinos, do not want to be controlled.  You can see why they don’t want us having guns.   Mao Tse- Tung  explained, “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”

When Hitler was rounding up the Jewish people, the Nazis didn’t have to worry about resistance because the Jews were not allowed to have guns.   Be a good American and go buy a gun this week because: You still can!!  Buy one just to celebrate that freedom we still have.   Buy one to keep you and your family safe.   Buy one to strengthen our nation.

Have fun on your safari!  Make life exciting and keep charging!!   Scott Alexander


”To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” ~George Mason

Copyright 2012 by Scott Robert Alexander

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07 2009

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  1. leslie s.s. #

    grab all the amo u can get as it goes on sale….. or not….
    cant go today have icey rds. but u have me motivated :<D wouldnt mind finding a horse named trigger, and the cowboy that goes with it as well!!! perhaps in 5 months LOL ~~~~ L.

  2. Reese #

    I hate to post the cliche – When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. I have worked in countries where the ten year olds were walking around with AK-47s and they were much safer then New York City or L.A. An Armed Society is a Polite Society.

    Thanks for this one Scott, You dont have to carry a gun everyday like the wild west, but its an option and target shooting is actually fun as a family event. Dont believe me or never done it, buy a 25.00 BB gun and set some cans up and make different challenges and soon the family will have spent an afternoon having a blast(pun intended).

  3. scott #

    You are right about BB guns, Reese! It’s one of my fondest memories of growing up- shooting my Daisy! My boys grew up with them too.

  4. scott #

    Ha! You crack me up, Leslie!!! This is the year!!!!

  5. Oscar #

    Mexico is worse than a socialist country, is a third world country. If one makes money, the goverment punishes you and takes your money in order to help the non-productive people, the mexican cows.

    If someone makes money in Mexico, he´d better have good politicians as friends (the big mexican cows, the only ones allowed to bear weapons), otherwise, your money will be taken by them or you might be mysteriously kidnapped.

  6. scott #

    Obama is using the same template. We’re not far behind!!

  7. 7

    Great blog Scott. I agree with you 100%

  8. scott #

    Thanks, Dexter!! Keep charging!!!

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