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Hate Crime Legislation is a Crime.

I have never been able to understand the reasoning behind “hate crimes”.  If I beat up my neighbor, I go to jail.  If I beat up my gay neighbor, I go to jail much longer!   What if I killed my ex-wife?  That would NOT be a hate crime, unless she was a lesbian!  Then, I would qualify for extra punishment.     Aren’t we all afforded the same level of protection?  Why does being gay or a person of color suddenly make you more important?

As long as it illegal to hate, why don’t we make it illegal to feel sad?  And we might as well make doubt, fear and anger against the law too.   Liberals not only want to control how people behave, they want to control what they believe and now they are even trying to control how people feel.   Your own emotions are no longer yours.

If they say it is more of a crime to kill one type of person, does it make it less of a crime to kill another?  What happens when they start dividing us up into our beliefs, our sexual proclivities and the make of cars that we drive?   Will they have some sort of killing scale?   10 would be for killing a liberal, gay, black man who works for the government.  Killing someone like that would be very wrong.  A self-employed Bible-thumping, conservative white dude with 3 kids might rate a 2 on the killing scale.  Drop that to a zero if he listens to Rush Limbaugh.

Radical Rhinos do not hate people.  We want to protect children, help people succeed on their own, protect property rights, drive a 1967 Plymouth Roadrunner and have the freedom to go hunting with a  neighbor, gay or otherwise.   We love freedom and living as we like in harmony with others.

If you are gay and want to join the Revolution, you are beyond welcome.  Well, not “beyond” welcome, because that would put you in a special welcome phase above others and that would be hypocritical of me, wouldn’t it?  You are welcome!   We do not discriminate in our fight for liberty .  Black, white, fat or skinny, long hair, tattooed or not, coke or pepsi – we welcome all in the fight against being controlled, enslaved and the transformation of our Capitalistic system into a stinking cow pasture.    Choose happiness, do the right thing and most important – Keep charging!!!   Scott Alexander

Thou shalt not kill...ANYBODY!!!

Thou shalt not kill...ANYBODY!!!

Copyright 2009 by Scott Alexander

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07 2009

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  1. LESLIE S.S. #

    wow good one…..pepsi wins over coke!! oh and Mcdonalds over that BK creep..
    i have black friends and gay…with hearts of gold….. i have white folks with hearts of gold….oh i have a few indian friends too….. none of us think any one is better than the other…isnt that what we all want from people.???.. but no, idiots and blind people have to screw things up, and use people to get voted in…or these very voters, use their indifferances,when they cant handle lifes challenge…. its a screwed up world ….weve left GOD out of it …. and are being led around by earthly demons…. well not all of us~~~~ and not for much longer… the J train is coming!!!

  2. Dave #

    Now that’s what I am talking about! Great post exactly right on spot. Chants of “Alexander for President” once again fill my head.

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