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Let’s turn up the global warming!!!

Let’s face it.  We are losing the war on global warming.  The latest report says that the temperature could warm up 5 degrees in the next 100 years.  That is a miserable attempt.  We can do much better!  5 degrees is hardly noticeable.  I think we should shoot for 15 degrees.  Every winter, I lose a few of my prized euphorbias and cactus because of the frost.  I can’t wait 100 years to get the temperature up a measly 5 degrees.

This global warming concept is a worthy goal and we should all do our part.  If the scientist’s predictions are correct, and who would doubt a scientist who wants to get in on the 29 billion that our government has wasted on global warming research, man is partly to credit.   But the competition is tough, people.  I am not going to sugar coat this.  We have a formidable adversary called the sun who has a lot to do with this.   According to my scientific research I learned from “They Might Be Giants” , the sun is a mass of incandescent gas – a gigantic nuclear furnace that a million earths could fit inside.  When you have a heat source like that burning at millions of degrees, you can see that a mere 5 degrees here on earth could be caused by a pimple popping on the sun.  In order to compete with the sun and get our share of the credit, we are all going to have to build oil refineries in our backyards.

Do not let anyone tell you that global warming is a hoax.  There are troublemakers out there who aren’t going along with this crap… I mean scientific truth.   They say that there are natural cycles of warming and cooling and that this global warming is a gimmick that socialists are running with in order to advance their big government agenda.  Liberals want to control every aspect of your life from the car you drive to how many children you  have;  from how you spend your free time to how much money they will allow you to keep.  Global warming is a huge curtain for them to stand behind claiming to be the Great Oz while they tax us more, enact more legislation and regulations and claim to be saving the planet from ourselves.

OK!!!  I admit it!   I am one of those troublemakers who thinks that global warming is a pile of cow droppings.  The earth’s temperature may experience temperature cycles, but please do not be so naive to think that we can influence it.  This theory has been masqueraded as science and then force fed to us through intimidation, legislation and propaganda.  Despite all the evidence to the contrary, global warming is proclaimed a fact accompanied with a strong pounding of the fist and declared no longer open to debate.  It is very “plastic” as a theory.  If we have record freezes, that becomes part of the theory and confirms it.  If it happens to be hot, that will prove it too.  If we have more rain, that proves it also.   Laws will be enacted to teach the fact of Global Warming in schools  without any discussion of contrary evidence.

5 degrees in 100 years.  I won’t even be here to enjoy it, but I will have to endure all the hot gas from the bloated, arrogant, smarter-than-thee bureaucrats  and liberal politicians.      Get radical!!!  Scott Alexander

Public Enemy #1 - A Global Warming Denier.

Public Enemy #1 - A Global Warming Denier.

Copyright 2010 by Scott Alexander

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  1. LESLIE S.S. #

    to think this lie that most folks believe, and will obey ( paying their wadges) as they grumble while doing so, will make the rich be even more so and the middle class and pooer folks will be forced into sending their children into child labor, that is, if they can even have children at all, after being convinced to get rid of the unwanted babies that may have come untimely, which by the way we will be paying for. this whole world is out of control and on a fast track down as we enter 2010….however GOD told the sun where to shine and how to provide…..and thats the biggest reason im not convinced of the lie! after all, GOD is in control of it all and HE certainly didnt mean for us to be slaves to the GOV. and HE wants us to share our income with others who are in need… if all we will and are doing is working for the rich blind men,,,,,, Ive got to think HE will be putting a stop to it all….frankly none of us are gonna have to worry about it for much longer ……. but those blind people who follow the liar, well now thats a worry to me., but not enough to NOT ENJOY THE DAY TODAY…..as i know PEACE on earth is soon to come for those who do not follow the liars and blind …..the parasites.

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