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Abortion is the Ultimate Child Molestation.

This is sad to say, but it has become a radical concept to stop murder.  We have slid so far down the moral sewer that Planned Parenthood offers a t-shirt for sale that proudly proclaims “I Had an Abortion”.  Now we are dealing with pure evil.

Abortion is the ultimate child molestation and it is not only legal, but encouraged, because some people say they want choice.  Sorry, but killing does not qualify for the choice category.  As the new Radicals, we believe that rape, child pornography and abortion make up a list of activities that are not to be tolerated.

“Then we will be back to the days of back-alley abortions”, the murderers protest.   What about all the back-alley rapes and behind closed doors child abuse?  Shouldn’t they, too, be allowed their freedom to choose?  Why shouldn’t they be able to promote their alternative lifestyle and offer “I molested a child” or “I raped a girl”  t-shirts?

We now have a King President who believes in killing when someone is not convenient and wants to be in control of our health care!  Liberals love the concept of aborting a life, because it is the ultimate control over another person.  Old, sick people are next on the list.  It is Revolution time!

Slavery divided this nation 140 years ago and led to a Civil War that ultimately ended that evil.  Once again, we are faced with slavery; this time by the government that is supposed to protect our freedom.  This is the New Civil War and we need an army of radical Abraham Lincolns who will fight for a child’s right to life.  Radicals believe that everybody has the right to live, and we will fight to the end those who think that they have the power to determine who lives and dies.

The government has become a cancerous growth and is going to destroy us, unless we take action and get involved.  If ever there was a time to take a stand, it is now.  Don’t let the Joker’s thugs intimidate you.  The Revolution is here – get in on this!!  Get a backbone!  Put on your two inch thick skin!  Be audacious!  Don’t let this once great country go to hell.  Not only are we going to stop this madness, but we are going to cut government down to size and never let it threaten us again.  That is the hope of audacity.  That would be the Dreams from the Founding Fathers.

Become a Community Organizer and help fight for the oppressed ( everyone not working for the government.)   Get radical.  Turn on, tune in, and let’s drop kick them out!                              Scott Alexander


Copyright 2009 by Scott Alexander

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08 2009

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  1. Chris Walker #

    I had friends in the early eighties that had just got married and were beginning their life together on a shoestring. One day the wife came home in tears. She thought she was pregnant and they did not have any health insurance and could not afford to go to a doctor. She saw where Planned Parenthood offered free exams. It turns out she was pregnant but what had upset her was Planned Parenthood. Form the moment she came in all the counseling was toward an abortion. She was a great Christian and did not abort the baby. This was my first and only experience with Planned “Butcherhood”. They are true evil incarnate.

  2. 2

    Scott, very well said. We have laws protecting every minority and disability that can be dreamed up. You can go to jail for “hate speech” if directed against a protected group (taxpayers and business people are not one of those protected groups.) But very few in government have the guts to say that stopping a beating heart, even when it is still in the womb is murder. Lets not punt. Lets do as Scott says, “Drop kick them out!”

  3. LESLIE S.S. #

    yes the drs. and nurses are trained to convince u to abort… using every tactic they can AND if the baby is a fuller delveloped fetus girl they use her eggs in the gene pool to pregnate women wanting children!! this is an out rage this is so EVIL!!
    AND future nurses and drs. will be trained to come into homes of people who are dying that were put on a waiting list , theyll talk u into the fatel shot , just like a dying dog/pet. they are already doing this in cananda!!
    monsters without a conscience driven by money… dr. who abort make more money than a normal dr who delievers babies INTO THIS WORLD TO LIVE A LIFE GOD HAS CHOSEN FOR THEM… heaven will be ful of babies when we get there, oh my lanta this topic has me UPSET!!!! i made alot of mistakes in my lifetime, im so grateful i never went to a choice such as this !! i feel bad for the young girls and women who do but they are being lied to !!!!!!! they are told its a blob and not human!!!! GOD HAVE MERCY !

  4. Anthony #

    DON’T YOU EVEN COMPARE CHILD MOLESTATION WITH ABORTION. If you had a family member that was sexually abused (like I do), then you DO NOT KNOW THE PAIN THAT COMES WITH IT. A sexually abused victim has to live with that the rest of his/her life.

    Abortion and sexual molestation ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS, YOU FUCKING MORON!

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