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Liberal democrats think they are gods in human flesh.

When this country declared our independence over 230 years ago, the government’s role was to act as an umpire to prevent individuals from injuring one another and to defend the nation from foreign enemies.  Things went great for the first 150 years, but around the early 1930’s the government’s role started to mutate and the umpire was replaced by a meddlesome parent who takes from some to give to others.  That parent has been replaced by the Omnipotent Barack Obama and his cadre of gods in human flesh who, in their infinite wisdom, know what is best for us and are eliminating our freedoms and Capitalistic System to prepare us for their Kingdom.

How did we go from having an umpire who was not a participant to having a huge, bloated, all pervasive and powerful government regulating every aspect of our lives and growing faster than ever before?  We got cooked slowly.  To boil a frog alive, you raise the temperature slowly.  At first it feels warm and cozy.  Then a lid goes over the pot and the water continues to get hotter.  Do it slowly enough and the frog just passes out and is cooked in boiling water without ever trying to escape.

This is what the Rhino Revolution is all about – getting out of the pot!!

It is time to get radical.  We need to spread the word because the lid is hovering over the pot and once that comes down, we are cooked.  Once government takes over the role of  providing our health care, it is getting near the end.  Undoing all this damage is going to be a job, but we will overcome this demented Nanny and throw off the chains.  Then we will return the government back to its original role and create a free, prosperous nation of people pursuing their own interests and happiness.

There will still be people who need help and we will help them.  Americans are good, compassionate people who will  make sure that no one goes hungry or goes without medical care.  We can do it.  We don’t need an inefficient, impersonal, arrogant group of bureaucrats being our babysitter.   We all want clean air and water.  There is no need for the EPA butting into our lives.  Freedom loving people respect all races and faiths.   You can’t legislate respect.  It has the opposite effect.

The Revolution has begun!   You can sit in the water and boil to death or you can get boiling mad and take some action before we are cooked.   Speak out.  Be a rhino and charge!!  Have fun and be radical!   Scott Alexander


Copyright 2009 by Scott Alexander

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08 2009

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  1. LESLIE S.S. #

    dang its getting hotter…. almost boiling now…

  2. 2

    Snort! Grunt! Charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)>

  3. Paula McInaney/Nashville #

    You rebel rhino rouser you! Right behind you… CHARGE!!!!

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