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New Rules for Radical Rhinos – Create Wealth!

Now that I have become a “Community Organizer”, I decided to read the book that King Obama and Hillary Clinton are followers of – “Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.  Having fed myself a diet of positive, encouraging, inspirational books all my life, I found the book disturbing.   Alinsky, who died in 1972,  had a warped sense of the world.  He divided us up into the Haves and the Have-Nots, and for the Have-Nots to get ahead, he taught that they had to take it from the Haves.   We used to live in a capitalistic, free-enterprise system.  Why didn’t they just become Haves themselves?!  Because books like this and people like Obama who used to teach classes on it, have led others to think that they are powerless to change their lives unless someone gives them something.  This Alinsky ass reminds me of a spoiled rotten kid who made demands and if he didn’t get what he wanted, he threw temper tantrums.  Earlier copies of his book were dedicated to Lucifer “who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”

Our Revolution is going to be different.  We are going to help people get ahead by encouraging them to not rely on government, but to participate in the capitalistic system and make their own success.  We will not preach hatred, envy, or tearing down what is good, like the current administration is doing.   We believe in people.  We don’t lump people of color into the Have-Nots group like Alinsky did.  We want everyone to be Haves, but not via redistribution.  It has to be real.

Understand success.   In order to succeed, you first have to give.  It is the first rule of free enterprise – You have to give, to get.  You can have the tallest building in the city, either by demolishing the other buildings or BUILD your own!  You can get by in life, by having the government steal from others and give some to you, or you can be a grown-up and do something on your own.  Wealth is created by combining energy with ideas.  No government agency creates any wealth.  They only restrict, choke, steal, constrict and discourage wealth.   Big government truly is the enemy.

We will win this Revolution without Alinsky’s help.  We will lift people up and encourage.  We don’t need to cause chaos at the airport tying up all the bathrooms as Alinsky suggests.  We don’t need to put chewed-up gum all over the campus sidewalks to protest not being able to have fun, which is another of  his genius ideas. We are not going to send 100 black people to a symphony concert after a three hour meal of eating only beans.   What a bonehead!   We are going to dismantle, however.  We are going to eliminate the government’s role in the economy and loosen the chains that are keeping us from being free and prosperous.     Be happy, be successful, keep charging and be truly radical.   Scott Alexander

Copyright 2011 by Scott Alexander

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