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The Beatles Stimulus Plan vs. Obama

The Beatles  release of their remastered albums on CD has probably been more effective in stimulating the economy than Obama’s package.  The first key to creating wealth is to “create”.  Whether it is Apple Computers releasing a new ipod with a built in camera, U2 putting on a concert, somebody building an office complex or selling wedding cakes; real economic stimulation is achieved by producing something that the public wants.  Just going to work everyday for any private business does more good for the economy than the trillions that Obama is shuffling around.

Government has never created anything.   All they do is stifle productivity and create chaos in a free market economy.  Government cannot stimulate growth, except by leaving.

Come 2012, we will have a chance for change again.  We don’t want Bush, we don’t want a Clinton, we don’t want an Obama.  We want to be left alone!  Let’s start dismantling the bumbling bureaucracy that is not only hindering progress but is also eroding our personal freedom.  Let people create and profit from their own labor and ideas.

What if we had to wait for the government to produce the newly remastered Beatles CDs?  Would we have to turn in our old CDs in the “Cash for Clunker CDs” program so they could destroy them?  Would vinyl records become illegal because they are a petroleum product?  Would the song “Let it Be” be banned  because Paul sings about Mother Mary?  Would everyone get a set for free because we all have a right to hear remastered Beatle music?    Would they add a fifth Beatle of color to make it fair?

It is time to Come Together and fight for our freedom.  It is going to be a Long and Winding Road, but I’ve got a Feeling that with everybody’s Help we can Get Back to being a great nation.  It is going to take a Revolution to topple The Fool on the Hill.  Dig It?   This Boy knows that We Can Work it Out even if it takes a Long, Long, Long time Because we have Real Love for Every Little Thing that promotes being Free as a Bird.  It Won’t Be Long before Something snaps and we all vow Not a Second Time, and only then will things start Getting Better.  Don’t be told that You Can’t Do That by the government. Think For Yourself. I Will.    Scott Alexander

Copyright 2010 by Scott  Robert Alexander


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09 2009

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  1. Vince Steffens #

    Dig it.

  2. LESLIE S.S. #

    PEACE….. will come when the real KING steps up to rule. until then we fight for our freedom, and its looking to be a battle with lots of idiots even among the common peoples…ugh! im ready for our island, of rhinos…..

  3. Don #

    End government regulation! No more regulation on food or safety. No more child labor laws, No more overtime pay or vacation pay. No more health insurance for the elderly or military personnel. In fact with no government we wouldn’t even need the military (bunch of welfare queens anyway). No more unemployment benefits, after all the only reason people lose their jobs is because they aren’t working hard enough. No more government funded research. The internet and chemotherapy would have come along eventually! We need to allow the corporation owners to do what ever they like, unfettered by “rules”. After all, corporations in the 19th century were fair and compassionate to their employees. They even employed their employees kids! How sweet is that!

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