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It is time for Rhinos to get involved in saving America.

There are two kinds of people in the world – cows and rhinos.  The cows are the whiners, the lazy, the ones who rationalize their mediocrity.  Cows are the takers, never the givers. They live their lives in the pasture following each other around day after day complaining about their dismal existence.  For excitement, they chew their food twice.  Cows love Obama and are always Democrats.

What a horrible way to spend the little bit of time you have here on earth.  Life is an adventure, and an adventure is supposed to be fun, right?  Cows just do not have fun.  Have you ever seen a cow smile?  I am sure that you have seen some of them.  Cows are everywhere!  The government hires them the work in the Department of Motor Vehicles.  What a wretched way to live.  The most exciting day for the cows is when they are all led off to the slaughterhouse.

Then there are the doers.  They are the rhinoceroses!  Rhinos are the one who are keeping the economy going despite the efforts of Obama to shut it all down.  The rhinos are building their own businesses, buying and selling real estate, traveling the world meeting other rhinos, enjoying their lives and freedom, and living adventures charging around the jungles.

Adventures are fun because there is always that element of risk, the intrigue and suspense of the unknown.  Sometimes you get stuck in the quicksand.  You accept it as part of the excitement and figure out how you are going to get out, rather than give up and sink like a cow would do.  You are a rhinoceros!  You love adventure.  They will never find you wandering aimlessly in the pasture looking for someone to take care of you.

Obama got elected because there are way more cows than rhinos.  Scientific fact – there are 10 rhinos for every 90 cows!  It is hard to get a real rhino elected to any office, because rhinos have no desire to waste their lives in politics.  Supercows have this sick compulsion to control other people’s lives and they are they ones who run for seats of power –  ex. Nancy Pelosi.  There are exceptions, like Ron Paul.  All Democrats are cows down to their inner core.   Some Republicans start out as rhinos and end up as cows –  ex. Schwarzenegger.  He lacked the thick-skin and inner fortitude.  Plus, he was married to a cow.

So, how do we save the country from becoming a stinking cow pasture?  We need more Rhinos to get involved in the political process.  It goes against our grain, but there is a national emergency here!  What fun is it going to be living the life of a rhino in a socialist, manure-filled pasture waiting to see what King Obama and his band of Supercows are going to let us do.  Hell no!  I will not become a hamburger!

We also need to let cows know that there is freedom out there.  Most cows fear freedom, but there are lots of cows that may have rhino tendencies smoldering within them.  We need to find them and have them join our Revolution for limited government.  Get radical and keep charging!!!   Scott Alexander

A Rhino setting off on a political adventure.

A Rhino setting off on a political adventure.

Copyright 2012 by Scott Alexander

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  1. Bart Scrivener #

    Stick to the motivational stuff, Scott. Your political rants are facile and shallow. To mix up a couple of metaphors, they just don’t hold water under a microscope. I’ll toss in another metaphor: You consistently set up straw camels and knock them down. Liberals = cows = haters of freedom. Obama is trying to shut the economy down. (Say WHAT? Didn’t all the bailout crap commence under W.?)

    I admire your go-get-em spirit. But really: If you’re going to rant, don’t you owe it to yourself and to readers to actually think, reason, and write with honesty and clarity?

  2. Bruce Driggers #

    “…think, reason, and write with honesty and clarity…” said the man who wrote “you consistently set up straw camels and knock them down.” OK. Brother, that’s not just mixing metaphors, that’s cross-breeding them and parading the mules.

    Now, I agree that Obama is continuing the disastrous policies of the Bush era. I agree fully. That changes things exactly HOW?

    I’m pretty sure that Scott is aware that our political crisis is bipartisan, else he wouldn’t have singled out Schwarzenegger for scolding or given a hat tip to the iconoclastic Ron Paul. But the truth is that our crisis is happening NOW. And Obama–no matter what his intentions are or were–is exacerbating the crisis. Hideous legislation like the NDAA and the impending SOPA, if unchallenged, will succeed in making all of us livestock, rhinos and cows alike.

    I’m glad to see Scott using his pulpit to preach political activism. We have our disagreements, but that’s what freedom is all about. And that’s exactly what we’re in danger of losing.

  3. scott #

    You are absolutely right about losing our freedom, Bruce. Cows enjoy being taken care of, but it is anathema to Rhinos who want to live our own lives and make our own decisions. “Live free or die”. It is more than a license plate saying!

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