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I have been reconsidering the supposed wisdom of leading a balanced life.  I think that “everything in moderation” is a fallacy that will keep you from rising to the top.  There is an aerodynamic law that says in order for a flying rhino to rise, thrust must exceed drag! Moderation just isn’t going to do it.  If you want to get ahead in any endeavor, you are going to have to turn on your engines full-blast and develop some thrust.

Jesus said,  “So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”   Be hot or cold, but never in the bland, indifferent and average stage between the two.  Charge hot, heavy and hard!!

As long as you are leading an imbalanced life, live it recklessly! Yeah. Get reckless!   You and I can change the world if we want to.  Are you willing to go over life’s speed limit?  Or, do you want to live for safety and security?  Most people do not like to extend themselves financially, physically or emotionally.  You’ve heard the sayings, “Don’t work too hard” and “Take it easy.”  That is how loser cows encourage each other.

To start living recklessly, you need a dream.  Why are people afraid to dream?  For the same reason that they are afraid to attempt anything that is not required of them – fear of failure.  Living recklessly requires you to laugh at failure.  It is a process of success.  If you never fail, you will never succeed.

Quitting your job is not a big enough dream.  Anyone can quit their job. (And I highly recommend it!)  But how is that going to improve the world?  A million dollars is not enough of a dream either.  Money is the effect of a dream.  If money is all you want, your best bet is probably smuggling heroin.  Or, if you want to get a lot of money and see the country, you could rob convenience stores along the way.  Extortion, kidnapping, forgery and blackmail are other ways of making big bucks fast.

See, money is not a good dream.  How about building the world’s most advanced hospital for cancer patients?  Or, how about starting a college that teaches free enterprise and starts young people out on entrepreneurial careers?  How about building the world’s largest church?  Why not become a famous musician and sell more records than the Beatles?  Invent a new car and start a brand new industry.

I know you don’t have any money!  That’s what qualifies it as a dream.  If you had the money, it wouldn’t be a dream.  It would be a project!  Whatever your dream is, it does not need money to be launched.  All it takes is desire.  And desire is free!!  You can get as much of it as you want to!  The Obama administration has not figured out how to regulate and tax desire.  Get reckless while you still can!  Keep charging!!    Scott Alexander

For a rhino to fly, thrust must exceed drag.

For a rhino to fly, thrust must exceed drag.

Copyright 2009 by Scott Alexander.

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  1. Margaret #

    Hey, Scott. I follow your blog religiously (don’t mind the pun); but most of the time your message is even better than my minister’s ! Keep charging !


    its almost Thanksgiving im soooo thankfully glad i found u here in facebook….
    now i can share u with the stuff ive been trying to talk about for the last 15 years after reading your books…
    Jesus is a rhino…i cant wait to talk to HIM real time about his adventures…and with the way things are going..dont think it will be long.

  3. Wayne "Rhino" Levangie #

    It is funny you have this picture posted. I am having a Flying Rhino shoulder puppet custom made to sit on my shoulder that you can control the movement of his head, up and down, left and right with a cable attached!

  4. 4

    Now that would make a great tattoo! I want to be a flying Rhino!

  5. 5

    As always Scott, great message!

    Since I’ve read RS, my mission is to not only fulfill lives through health and nutrition, but use my education background to highlight my initial struggles along the way.

    Team RHINO is still the catalyst for what I do: empower others to Be Excellent, Never Underachieve! Civilizations were not built in mediocrity; it seems as though most people would rather the personal chaos than get order…SMH

    Thanks again!
    Phillip L Lyde
    BENU Wellness™

  6. scott #

    Thank you, Phillip! You’re right – nothing was ever built on mediocrity. Keep charging!!

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