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Gotta get a job!

At some point when things get rough, your thoughts are going to turn to “getting a job”.  Usually it happens after an extended period of frustration and difficulties, because it takes a lot of pain to make having a job look attractive.  I will not belittle you or shame you, because I have been there a few times and I know the feelings of utter despair that accompany this unnatural desire.  The best thing I can do for you is to humor you through this transitional time.

First of all, let me congratulate you on reaching this plateau!  You put yourself into business, had a few challenges but stuck it out and now you find yourself in such dire straits that the thought of working eight hours a day for someone else and then going home and watching TV is strangely comforting.

How wonderful it would be to report to a boss who has to do all the worrying.  How refreshing to be on the other side.  You could be the employee and get a paycheck, get medical insurance, maybe a paid vacation and sick days.  Your employer would now have to pay worker’s compensation insurance on you, keep you motivated and give you all the coffee breaks required by law.

Quit dreaming!!  It ain’t gonna happen!  Any smart employer knows that entrepreneurs do not make good employees.  You are a round peg in a square peg game.  You are an enterprising  mutant that will not fit into the traditional workplace.  You carry a virus that could affect the other content employees.  You are unpredictable, unmanageable and disparate.  Corporate types who work in the Human Resources Department interviewing potential employees do not understand your type.

What have you been doing the last few years that is going to impress them?  You are at the end of your rope!  It is hard being creative enough to make that look good in a resume.  What kind of references are you going to mention?  You owe money to everyone and the State Board of Equalization is after you.

Unable to get into the cushy corporate environment, you realize that that you would be happiest in a small, fast growing company that could utilize your abilities and creativity.  And you’re right!  The founder of the company interviews you and totally understands you.  He knows how your brain works.  He knows what motivates you and what you want in life.

That’s the trouble – he knows too much!  He knows that you would learn the business, get good at it, court all his customers and then go start your own company competing with him.

Well,  there are all those fast food businesses looking for someone with a smile and the ability to hand leaf lettuce and flip a burger.  Don’t worry.  By the time you start applying here, things will be turning around in your own business.

You see, this whole exercise in job hunting is just a time killer to get you through a rough time in your own business.  All you needed was a few months focusing on something else until things got better.  It is a way to temporarily “quit” without really quitting.  You get a new perspective and appreciation on what you have, fresh motivation and a renewed desire to get back in the action.  Sometimes, you might actually fool someone into giving you a job.  The same thing will still happen – things will get better, you will become re-motivated and then you will quit with more enthusiasm to do your own thing.

We are going through a difficult economic time, but you are a rhino!  I know it is difficult to charge through quicksand, but just keep your horns pointing in the right direction. Keep plodding if that is all you can do!  Focus on your dream and never let that die.  You are going to make it and a few years down the road, you will be on a stage somewhere telling your story and inspiring others to persist like you did.  Keep charging!!!   Scott Alexander

Hang in there! Storms don't last forever.

Hang in there! Storms don't last forever.

Copyright 2009 by Scott Alexander

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11 2009

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    im a horrible employee….. i ask im told to many questionswhen im told to do somthing that doesnt make sense… to me or for the co. i was told yesterday just say ok.. sorry im not a robot.. i cant, im a rhino ..i make a horrible employee….

  2. 2

    Ohmigosh.. how horribly true this is…. going through it now.. have a best friend who keeps on telling me that I must get a “real Job” but i say to her.. i do have one…your boss doesnt have a “real job”does he? No mind have done a few interviews, even had a few part time bosses, poor things, i totally take over and they dont know what to say, its as if they expect me to do what i am told. Anyway.. charging through a business plan and its coming together nicely. My need of money for basic survival is slowing me down a bit though.

  3. scott #

    Hang in there, Rhonda! Keep your eyes on the real goal as you go through the motions of surviving. I’m rooting for you! Keep charging!!

  4. 4

    Wow…this is so inspiring! Thank you Scott! I was THAT Round Peg in a square environment for so long that the Rhino inside me almost died. The day my company folded/laid me off…my Heart literally sang with Joy/Freedom!

    Nothing Beats working for yourself. Your book constantly inspires me that I’m on the right track working from home. I am reading Rhino Success for the (I don’t even know) 100th? time and it STILL inspires me even after 20+ years.

    Found this Cool like with all kinds of stories about those who never gave up!

  5. scott #

    It’s total joy when a rhino is released into the wild. Enjoy your freedom, Denise!

  6. 6

    I am an enterprising mutant carrying a virus that will infect your everyday content employee! Love it Scott! Without a doubt, “psychologically unemployable” is where we want to help those who want it to shift their mental posture! Thanks for the foundation you’ve put in place for so many rhinoceronious freedom fighters out there Scott! Rhino on & Rhino up!

  7. Joshua Froelke #

    Thank you for writing this Scott. I am also a terrible employee. I honestly don’t do well “working for the man”. I really identified with a lot of what you wrote here. Please keep it up. Your words are inspiring!

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