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Liberals declare it illegal to watch Thanksgiving Football on Big Screen TVs!!

Obama’s stimulus plan to spend over 700 billion to create and save jobs is just another method of his true goal of “spreading the wealth.”   There are no real jobs being created.  Only people in business can generate real jobs by providing needed goods and services.  The government stealing 700 billion and indiscriminately giving it to programs it deems worthy will only make the government grow bigger, thus increasing our problems.

Jobs come from businesses.  Making computers, building houses, selling insurance and fixing cars are jobs that contribute to society.  After spending 700 billion, the government will have created absolutely nothing, except a lot of debt to pay back.   There won’t even be a new popsicle on the market.  There will be no improved software programs.  No new music.  No new energy drinks.  Nothing.

Government can only tax, regulate and interfere.  It was not part of the founding father’s plans for it to provide jobs.

Now the California Energy Commission has put a ban on big screen plasma TVs.  I wonder how much money is being spent on jobs at the Energy Commission whose function has nothing to do with creating energy, but whose sole purpose is to destroy private enterprise jobs.  Here was an industry creating a product that enriched people’s lives and the arrogant bureaucrats at this Commission decided that about 200 models of the big screen TVs will not be allowed to be sold.

All of the bonafide jobs developing the TVs will be gone with one decision of bonehead government employees.  All the research, tooling, manufacturing, advertising, distribution and selling of these TVs goes down the drain.  About 4,000 private enterprise jobs will be lost as 25% of the TVs will be forced off the market.

The interference grows more powerful.   Not only are jobs lost, but your freedom gets eroded away.  People who think they are smarter than you do not want you to own a big TV and now you won’t.  There are lots of things they don’t want you buying from light bulbs to big cars.  Now they want to be in control of your health care and choices will be limited depending on what is acceptable to the Obama Police.

Of course, this is all being done under the banner of Global Warming which is a huge hoax.  Just as atheists use Evolutions to justify their Godlessness, liberals use Global Warming to advance their cause of bigger and more powerful government intrusion into our lives.  There is no global warming and that’s why Gore slams his fist and shouts “The debate is over!”  They just want to get on with building their totalitarian regime.  They think they are god.  Well then, I am an atheist!

Who do you give thanks to on Thanksgiving Day?  God.  That’s why it is being called “Unity Day” by the liberals. They just can’t stand the thought of somebody worshiping anybody other than them.   Something to think about this Thanksgiving and decide who will be your God, because you will have one and who wants a god who won’t let us watch football on a big screen TV on Unity Day?  Keep charging!!   Scott Alexander


Copyright 2009 by Scott Alexander

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