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As a rhino charging around in the jungle chasing down your dream, you are going to occasionally encounter rain.  Rain is a metaphor for all the difficulties and unexpected obstacles you are going to come across while you pursue your goals.  I love the expression “Rain or Shine”.  It expresses the attitude that you need to succeed – commitment and a sense of adventure.

When an upcoming event is advertised as “Rain or Shine”, it means the event is going to happen no matter what!  There is no contingency plan.  There is no plan B.  It is going to happen!  What a fantastic way to approach anything that you want to accomplish.  When you go after something with a Rain or Shine attitude, you don’t hold anything back.  There will be no question of retreating.  It is damn-the-torpedoes time!

If you wait for the perfect time to launch a new business, you will never be in business.  There is never a perfect time.  Conditions are never going to be perfect for anything that you want to do, unless there is nothing you want to do.  If you want to be a cow, chew your cud twice out in the pasture and do nothing with your life, then guess what?  Conditions are perfect.

I like the saying “Rain or Shine” too, because it acknowledges that there is going to be rain.  Rain happens!  And rain plays no favorites.  Everyone gets rained on from time to time.  Even people with no goals or purpose get rained on.   King Obama himself cannot stop the rain.  Whether socialist or capitalist, there is gonna be rain.

The trick is to change your attitude toward rain.  When you are on an adventure and it starts to rain, you know that the excitement is just starting.  Indiana Jones would have been a boring movie if he didn’t run into any troubles.  When the rain comes down, the atmosphere levels are turned to high.  Remember in the movie “Jurassic Park” when the Tyrannosaurus was attacking the group in the jeep?   What happened just before they saw the T-rex?  It started raining!   Steven Spielberg knows how to make an adventure movie.  You gotta have rain!

Our country is in the middle of a huge storm right now as the Obama administration is dismantling the free enterprise system and replacing it with socialism.  It is hard to get motivated about being a slave and watching the government monitor and control more and more of our lives.  I feel the same terror as if I was in the jeep being attacked by the Tyrannosaurus.  But this is part of the adventure!  Rain doesn’t last forever.  We will get out of this mess and we will have a great story.  Don’t give up!!  Keep fighting for freedom.  “Hope and Change” right back at em!  We will overcome this oppression, RAIN OR SHINE!!!    Enjoy the adventure and keep charging!!     Scott Alexander

Freedom, come rain or shine!

Freedom, come rain or shine!

Copyright 2009 by Scott Alexander

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11 2009

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  1. 1

    Let it rain … as a RHINO, we bring our own shine to the game. Hope – what a great thought .. and one to carry us through. Love this article Scott ..keep charging from that end and I will from here too!

  2. 2

    I like this post. It ties nicely with my own philosophy that there are no failures. There are times for earning and times for learning.

    Quite often we don’t learn as much when the SHINE is on us – we simply bask in the glory of the warmth in the rays. It is during the times of RAIN that we cleanse, reflect, evaluate and rejuvenate.

    Either way, we move forward having grown from the experience, no matter what.

  3. 3

    In the end….Jesus…the GREAT Rhino Wins!


    nice . i love it that u help us see thru the rain….and see the excietment ahead…. ty L. <3

  5. scott #

    I love it that you love it. Thanks, Leslie!!

  6. 6


    Once more, I thank you. Now I am reaffirmed in my belief that there is more to life than what the cows would like us (the RHINOS) to think: this is it! How appropriate that the cows try to “BS” those who already are out of the matrix 🙂

  7. 7

    When ever cows try to make things better, all they do is find the shade, stand by each other and whip their tails around.

    When Rhino is in charge, things get done once and for all!

    I am praying for more Rhino’s!

    Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,

    Dexter Black

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