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Be “the Expert from Afar”.

What separates the doers and the achievers from the losers and discouraged oftentimes seems to be a difference in attitudes towards problems.  Success in any endeavor boils down to who is going to keep going despite the difficulties.  How do you develop the persistence to keep going when you get knocked down?  How do you maintain a determination that keeps you strong when it seems that the path you have chosen is impenetrable?

I am going to tell you a little trick of mine that helps me deal with problems.   I pretend that I am “the expert from afar“.

An example:  My stack of bills is over one foot high, I have no money and it is beginning to knock the wind out of my sails.  Shut-off notices start to come in, getting the mail takes on a certain dread and relatives know to use the “one ring – hang up – call again” routine if they want me to answer the phone.

In steps “the expert from afar” (it’s really me).  This is the guy whose expertise takes him to financially troubled companies around the world.  He is famous for his ability to sort things out and help companies get back on their feet.  He has been on countless TV talk shows.  The Wall Street Journal and other business periodicals make constant references to him.

Now he is here in my office sorting through my bills.  He arranges them in order of importance, calls creditors and arranges payment schedules, and keeps my credit good by paying the important bills first.  He is very professional and can work with a cool detachment through the whole sticky ordeal because he is “the expert from afar”.

The better your imagination, the better you can get at this!   Another quick example:  I am working on my motorcycle and in trying to remove a screw from the sidecase,  I strip away the slot and the screwdriver can’t get a grip.  Very frustrating.  In disgust,  I give up on the project.

Ten minutes later,  I am back as “the expert from afar”. This time I am the famous heart surgeon who has been flown in to remove this young person’s cancerous growth.  Many doctors have already attempted this surgery, but all have failed.

With a thoughtful calmness, I analyze the cancerous growth and plan my attack.   Then, while being filmed for a CBS Special, I cut a new groove in the screw head with a dremel tool.  I can hear the hushed whispers of the doctors observing me and taking notes.  I spray a special WD40 antiseptic around the troubled area.  Finally, with the skill that only I have, I gently tap the screw while applying a constant counter-clockwise pressure with the screwdriver.

Suddenly the cancerous area breaks loose!  The screw comes out.  Thunderous applause breaks out around me and I can hear cries of joy from close relatives of the motorcycle… I mean young person.

It might be a good idea to keep this technique to yourself.  My ex-wife knew that I used it effectively and took advantage of me at times.  “Hey Scott,  the toilet is plugged up.  I think we need the expert from afar for this job!!”

Waiting for the "Expert from Afar".

Waiting for the "Expert from Afar".

Copyright 2009 by Scott Alexander

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12 2009

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  1. Dave H #

    Great post, how often I forget that with the Lord as my Shepard, the answers are within me. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Sandi Lincoln #

    I have JUST the imagination to pull this off!!! Whoo hoo!! Just needed that new way of looking at old stressful things. I’m excited for the next “issue” BRING IT! 😀

  3. scott #

    You are changing the world with your charging, Sandi!

  4. Frank #

    Looking at things in the third person has always allowed me to get through tough times ))

  5. 5

    Napoleon Hill once said “Our greatest success will come just one step away from our greatest failure”. Learn From Your Mistakes And Take Action To Make Next Time Right. Get Up. Be Great!

    From T Harv Eker I learned to be always bigger than my problems; when friends say my challenges are huge I tell them I am even taller. CHARGE.

    remember there are only two failers (as I learned from my friend the options Teacher, Jan Bommerez):
    1 Not beginning
    2 Not persisting
    -> All else is learning.

    What does not kill you makes you stronger!

    Empower yourself by choosing to be worth it.
    Act with passion.
    Now. With a smile in Rhino format…!


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