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Evolution is getting old. Give me some truth.

Creation is another way in which God revealed Himself to mankind.  “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.”  Many people think that evolution is supported by science, but it is really the other way around.  Rather than sitting like a protozoan with the I.Q. of bean dip and accepting what you are force fed in school and in the media, do a little research on your own.

Understand that there are different theories of evolution.  Two important points to note are that it is all theory, not fact, and they can’t agree on which theory they want to run with.  In fact, to fully comprehend how asinine the idea of evolution is, read a book on it.  There is just not much there.

Basically, all the theories run along a few premises, one of which is that evolution has occurred over tremendously long periods of time.  That is a cop out!  Because evolutionists cannot prove anything today, they alway refer to the “primeval past.”

The truth is that long periods of time would only be a deterrent to evolution, because of a scientific principle called entropy. Entropy is the tendency from the highly organized downward toward the less organized.

Gosh, I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but as you become older you tend to look older.  After about 90 years, you are going to look like… well, you are are going to look like you’ve been around for 90 years.   900,000,000 more years will certainly not help your situation!

Another foundation of evolution is the belief that mutations caused the changes that resulted in the transition of one life form into another until – PRESTO! – here we are!  This is really stretching it, don’t you think?  Talk about strong belief!  Anyone who believes in evolution has to have far more faith than any Bible believing Christian.  All a Christian has to believe is that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day.  That makes sense to me.  I would have wanted to rest on the seventh day too.

Imagine a faith in which you believed that the sun (Wait!  How did the sun get here?) managed to hit a speck of slime at the right angle, and it transformed the slime into an amoeba.  The amoeba promptly became a salamander, since it decided that having four legs would be cool.

Then the salamander had a mutation, which caused its kids to be born with eyelashes.  They didn’t have eyes yet, but the eyelashes looked cool too.  After three billion years, a pupil developed,  but since the optic nerve had not arrived yet, the eyelash and the pupil had to wait another billion years.  Not cool.   Finally, the eye all came together and the salamander could see that the future was in flying.  He evolved a nice set of wings, grew a sharp beak, took flying lessons and turned into an eagle.

His brother and sister salamanders had different ideas.  Some evolved into elephants, some into chickens, some into people, and some were happy just being salamanders.  And that explains why today there are still salamanders, and amoeba, and simple one-celled organisms … they just have no ambition!

You can believe that mutations are responsible for evolution, but pray that your kids are never born with one.   T. Dobzhansky, in his book, “Genetics and the Origin of Species” states, “A majority of mutations, both those arising in laboratories and those stored in natural populations, produce deteriorations of the viability, hereditary diseases and monstrosities.  Such changes, it would seem, can hardly serve as evolutionary building blocks”

The more you learn about the fossil record, DNA and mutations, the more your belief in the Bible will be strengthened.  Don’t wear yourself out arguing with eggheads.  Evolution is a man-made religion that teaches that life is just an accident and  that there is no purpose to your life.

Life does have purpose and meaning, and life can be filled with happiness … if you reject the wide gate.  Evolution has been widely taught and accepted because it rationalizes being miserable.   Don’t wait for time to make you better.  Go after your dreams right now!   Don’t become a fossil waiting for conditions to be perfect.  Right now is the time!   Are you going to monkey around forever, or are you going to accomplish something?   What are you waiting for … a mutation?  Charge!!!



Copyright 2010 by Scott Alexander

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  1. LESLIE S.S. #

    hey…… want to see an awesome video?? indiscriable, by louie giglo….. you made me think of it when you mentioned the sun… actually GOD blew out of his breath the sun….wow what a mighty awesome GOD huh?

  2. 2

    Yeah, you know, I’m really surprised more Christians aren’t opposed to evolutionary theory. In Job @ the end, God challenges Job and says, “Were YOU THERE when I formed the heavens and the earth?” Same with atheists today: they weren’t there, they don’t know what happened, but they want to parade about as though they have conclusive knowledge of how the world was created. (I grew up Catholic with evolutionary thought widely accepted)

  3. scott #

    Paul, I also grew up believing evolution, until I got into collecting fossils. The fossil record does not jive with evolution. It cries “creation”!!

  4. James #

    You’re misunderstanding thermodynamics. In a closed system, entropy is guaranteed to increase. The universe as a whole, if it is finite, is a closed system. The Earth, however, is an open system; we are heated by the sun.

  5. scott #

    James, the outer edge of the atmosphere is the boundary of our Earth’s system. Yes, the Sun sends energy in the form of solar radiation, but the Earth emits that radiation back into space, making it a closed system.

  6. James #

    Scott, a closed system cannot exchange matter with its surroundings.

  7. scott #

    “Open systems can exchange both matter and energy with an outside system. They are portions of larger systems and in intimate contact with the larger system. Your body is an open system.
    Closed systems exchange energy but not matter with an outside system. Though they are typically portions of larger systems, they are not in complete contact. The Earth is essentially a closed system; it obtains lots of energy from the Sun but the exchange of matter with the outside is almost zero.”

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