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New Hobby – Collecting Money!

How are you doing financially?  Never let anyone tell you that money is not all that important.  Money is important.  Money is essential.  Without money, every other facet of your life is likely to suffer.

Money has a bad reputation because most people don’t understand how capitalism works.  To justify their lack, you will hear them say that “money is the root of all evil” or “money can’t buy happiness”.   These ideas are used only for rationalizing failure to have money.

Money is not the root of all evil; love of money is.  You can enjoy the benefits of money, but it does make a poor savior.  You don’t want to let money become your God and I found a way to avoid that  –  Make collecting money your hobby!  Doesn’t that sound like a fun hobby?

Making money beats collecting stamps or old bottles any day.  Get good at this hobby and you are liable to become wealthy.  But make it your hobby and not your job.  Wouldn’t you rather spend time on your hobby every day than go to work?  Hobbies are fun, entertaining and stimulating.  Making money is a hobby that you will want to get up early in the morning to get started on.  You might not even sleep well because you are so excited about getting up.  Remember Christmas Eve when you were a kid?  That is how you should feel every day.  It is better than having diarrhea on Sunday nights because you have to start another week at a job you hate.

Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have beautifully.  If you enjoy making money and flying, there could be a turbo-charged Bonanza in your future;  making money and collecting stamps and there could be an around- the- world cruise to the countries you collect;  making money and skiing could lead you to one day owning your own ski resort.  There is no hobby more exciting than making money.  Start your collection today!

And money can definitely buy happiness!  That is why money is so valuable.  What else would you want to buy with it – unhappiness?  No matter how much or how little money you have, it can always buy happiness;  whether it is paying cash for your twelve room beach house in Hawaii or paying last month’s rent on your apartment to keep from being evicted.  If money can’t buy happiness, why is everyone trying to get some?  Poverty cannot buy happiness.  Stay away from that.

Always remember that this is only a hobby.  Don’t let it become your master.  Never be afraid of losing everything you have made.  Do not fall in love with money to the point where it becomes a burden.  If you worry about losing it, having it stolen, or worry about spending it, it has become a millstone around your neck.  At that point, money has become your God and will not buy happiness.

Wake up in the morning as a damn-the-torpedoes, thick-skinned rhinoceros and enjoy your new hobby of making money as you make the world a better place.  Keep charging!!!   Scott Alexander

If you enjoy collecting money and skiing, you could own your own ski resort!

If you enjoy collecting money and skiing, you could own your own ski resort!

Copyright 2010 by Scott Alexander

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  1. hc_rhino (Dave H) #

    Great post on a hobby I enjoy very much. I like how the color of money coordinates perfectly with everything you wear. It never clashes!

    Seriously I do have many questions about tithing. Maybe my Rhino Sensei and friends can help me. The bible speaks of the storehouse, not the church. Malachi speaks of assuring that there is plenty of food in the temple for times of famine. Is the storehouse my savings or my church? As a through and through Rhino I have no true affinity to that of man but a loving desire to serve my Safari Guide as I am commanded.

    Scott, your thoughts?

  2. scott #

    I will throw the question out to my more biblical scholarly readers. Tithing to me has always meant giving. I don’t know if it is that important where it goes, but back to yourself would seem like it is defeating the purpose.

  3. 3

    Zig Ziglar once said, “Money isn’t everything, but it does rank right up there with oxygen.” I make “Budgeting” a hobby in my world Financial Responsibility to myself, my family and the Lord. It’s a great feeling to have the funds to give to charities and those in need; take the family to concerts and Broadway shows; a much needed trip to your favorite location – Hawaii or to the mountains to hike and take photography; trip to Southern California; buy new items for the “Rhino Dwelling” and many other things! Scott, thanks for the great article on “New Hobby – Collecting Money.”

  4. scott #

    That’s a great quote from Zig! Thanks, Drew!

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