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When the coach thinks that winning is wrong.

This month, the “leader” of our country said that Capitalism doesn’t work and has never worked!  I’d like to know how he thinks that the United States became the most free, prosperous nation in the world without him and his brilliance.  His vision is more government, more regulation, more taxes, more Obama.

He refers to his brief stint in the private sector as “working behind enemy lines”.  This guy is not a good cheerleader for success, for America and definitely not for freedom.   His wife, Michelle, says that she spent her entire adult life ashamed of America, until we saw the Obama light.

Unfortunately, he has slithered into being our President and has vowed to “fundamentally transform” our country.  Success in Obamunism is stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor.  Penalize achievement and reward laziness.  Redistribute.

In the meantime, it is hard to get motivated about building a business in a country where the elite rulers have decided that we are the enemy.  Private sector jobs continue to be lost while the government grows bigger and more coercive.  Anyone who desires to get ahead financially is perceived of as “greedy”.  Taxes continue to soar as the Obama administration spends like no other time in our history.

When the coach thinks that winning is wrong, how do you think the team is going to perform?  If a parent encourages a passive lifestyle, how do the kids turn out?  If a pastor does not inspire his congregation, why go to church?  If the rules of the game are constantly changing to make it impossible to win, why play the game?  When the President of the United States wants to turn our country into a third world socialist cow pasture, why get up in the morning?  For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed of America.

Economic recovery will come when this Bozo is voted out.  When we get a coach that believes in winning and achievement, the stimulus will begin.  Until then, keep the hope that we can change back to a nation of greatness.  Keep charging, keep believing in yourself, love God, be positive, inspire greatness!  Scott Alexander

A new day is coming and the sun will shine again.

A new day is coming and the sun will shine again.

Copyright 2011 by Scott Alexander

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02 2010

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  1. LESLIE S.S. #

    very well said scott. im to believe that mr. yes we can, has been groomed by must uglier powers of the world, ( the fed reserve) hes their puppet and a very good con,like the snake in the garden, trust in me, ….. the sad thing is alot of folks are trusting in him !
    yes we know the times we are in, and we must trust only in the real KING and serve only HIM, HE will provide the basics to get us thru these times, until the day of HIS return. one world order may be coming but thats not the final outcome…. we are in a spiritual battle, arm yourself with GODS truth, knowing the evil doers of the world will go down, and we NOTW folks will see the coming of HIS glory.!!! love the photo you selected, out of the dark and into the light! smile knowing your blessed and loved and on the winning side .

  2. Kim #

    Good one!

  3. Lou #

    You have to choose your words carefully Scott. You will alienate a lot of faithful followers by these ridiculous comments. I like some of the articles that have recommended your book, but I do not agree with all of your comments. If you truly want to make a difference in this world, and I think you do, calling people BOZO and name dropping is not what got you where you are today? Leaders lead by example. I am sure if the House and the Senate would back ANY idea then our nation would be in a better state. This is always referred to Politricks. How did the country get this way anyway? We can’t blame him? So who would you blame? God would not back these comments I can assure you. At least not the GOD I know. You ever heard this statement? Don’t give me an “F” teach me how to get an “A”. This is what Leaders do!!! Anybody can give an F.

  4. LESLIE S.S. #

    just read lous comment… scott what u said was the truth and calling ob a bozo was a mild way of saying for me as i read it.. a clown or puppet… OR BETTER YET AND ILL SAY IT …AN ASS !!!!!!hes getting paid to fill everyones head with the lies….. and calling him king obama he didnt even deserve that…bless u for giving him that title…should have added king wanna be ob……
    i to am ashamed of this country and i fear for this country… the only hope i keep ..GOD will care for the believers…no matter what goes down and rather quickly now … so keep charging , always giving GOD the glory ..not wanna be…

  5. 5

    The only way for evil to prevail is for good men (and women) to do nothing .. or to remain politically correct for that matter.

    I can remember a time when good men and women would be able to discern quickly between was is good and evil according the the standard set forth in the WORD; however, since less than 5% of “church” people even crack open a Bible except during Sunday service, it appears most don’t know WHO THEY ARE and WHAT MANNER THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH THE WICKEDNESS THAT IS BENT ON DESTROYING AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. Jesus took some heat too when he tore the temple apart .. that wasn’t nice Jesus …

    I, for one, have been ruffled and trounced upon for who I am and what I believe too much and too often. I not only agree with Scott, my hope is that we will DO SOMETHING … Obama indeed slithered into office, unqualified and as some evidence points out, not even a US Citizen either … people WAKE UP … (I must say I don’t hold a lot of hope though, many of Czar Obama’s subjects are unthinking, uncaring, uninvolved government ticket holders who love the idea of being taken care of by King Obama … spread the wealth!)

    There was a time when nearly all Americans would call this one like they see it and not put up with this hogwash either … However, the indoctrination of being politically correct has mired us into a lot of fuzzy, wuzzy gray area. We are like a potful of lobsters and the water is heating up.

    Unfortunately, the enemy knows all too well that apathy and complacency are a sure fire way to take a nation captive and that history does indeed repeat itself … just check out the rise and fall of all great nations before us and see where we are now … just about there …

    Being politically correct will take us into a government state for certain and we spend way too much time trying to be nice to everyone. SHOCK VALUE TIME .. pull your heads out of the sand people – time for the sleeping GIANT to arise once more (or do we just not have it in us this time??)

    Perhaps this state of affairs that we find ourselves in when our “leader” suggests we need a fundamental change is what the Scriptures were referring to when they read, “What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter” – Isaiah 5:20

    Wesley wrote regarding who would be sorrowful it is “To them – That take away the difference between good and evil; that justify wicked men and things, and condemn piety, or righteous persons.”

    I like the picture you selected Scott, because after all, we know how the story ends. And God knew how most believers would end up in the end too … lukewarm… (not me, I am HOT, HOT, HOT) and would surely help to tar and feather the socialist Obama and his opportunistic, un-American wife Michelle too.

    Or is that too mean?

  6. LESLIE S.S. #

    YOU GO PAULA ***be bold and speak it out….as i will, as scott will, and hopefully more and more others get on board, if they can turn off the dumb down tv for a day perhaps a little light will flicker…but then again, all things must go as the passion play is coming to an end…i can hear a lot of folks singing whos sorry now, when they meet the true king, and He lables them as a goat. sorry scott i had to give a bravo to paula :)and of course you get one too!!

  7. 7

    I’m also ashamed of my Country at this time. God help us turn things around…soon! Great post Scott…indeed! (I also appreciate the comments of Leslie and Paula…for what that’s worth.)

  8. scott #

    Thank you, Don! The pendulum is starting to swing back now. We are the new radicals in this Revolution. Keep charging!!

  9. 9

    What’s ironic Scott, is that most people expect change to happen in the next lifetime, not now; however, regardless of the doctrine, it shows evidence that you should at least prepare yourself NOW, otherwise, you won’t be prepared LATER! Any one (as a collective) who is against the status quo is considered an enemy of the state- what state are we talking about?

    When people stop being complacent and decide for themselves that change comes from the capacity to be self-accountable, then maybe it’ll truly exist. Otherwise, the next administration will also market the illusion of “life, liberty, end the pursuit of happiness”.

    Peace & blessings!

  10. scott #

    Right on, Phillip! When self-accountability becomes the norm, there will be welcome change. Keep charging!!!

  11. Chris #

    He is the enemy and he we should overthrow our government if that is what you want to call it. I hope everyone that voted for this Moron and is CHANGE, is happy with the CHANGE they are getting!!!!

  12. Denise Wright Reinhardt #

    Evil prevails when good men do nothing! Time to step up to the plate and do something! Thanks Scott for keeping us on our Rhino toes! :o)

  13. 13

    Wow… I’m blown away… after reading all these comments I tip my hat in admiration and do that with continued humility and respect towards you. You have a following/a’pack’ I’d be honored to be part of, Scott. Not that I embrace all that was said above but the substance/bottom line of it all was spot on politically… all these comments reflect the fundamental meat and potatoes we need to survive as a society/culture… perhaps even as a human race. If we we dont get it right this last time, in other words if we don’t allow history to repeat itself once more again what we’re in for is Gregg Braden’s Fractal Time and that is probably a good thing. Even tho it’ll be painful. Thanks for being a true and enduring inspiration.

  14. scott #

    Hey, Rocky! Much appreciated! Glad to have you as part of the “crash”!!! That’s what a group of charging, audacious rhinoceroses is called. Keep charging!!!

  15. Frank #

    A good post Scott – as someone who once swore an oath to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic I have gone beyond shame of my country and the leaders that have been placed there – although I am no fan of how our country is being run – I do hold the truth that God places each leader on this earth for His purpose – given that I have decided that if Obama gets re-elected a second time I will renounce my American citizenship as I cannot with a clear conscience support through my taxes or my affiliation what will happen the next 4 years. Should a civil war break out I will however return to help fight for the cause of Liberty

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