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Success is like learning to ride a unicycle.

A few years ago, I decided to learn how to ride a unicycle and found that learning to ride one has a lot in common with principles of success.  The first interesting unicycle analogy to succeeding in life is how many people, seeing me ride the unicycle, said that they had always wanted to learn to ride one.

Just another wild fantasy… another reckless dream.  One more notch in the belt of mediocrity.  They never got into the type of work that they really wanted to do.  Life just didn’t go the way that they wanted it to.

Of course, people wouldn’t express it in these exact words, but as a writer I have quite an imagination.  And I’ve got a book to write.  I need material!  If I can get a couple paragraphs out of  “I always wanted to learn to ride a unicycle”, I will run with it.

Regret is found in epidemic proportions.  “I always wanted to learn to play the piano…  I always wanted to be a doctor… I always wanted to learn to fly an airplane…  I always wanted to start my own business…”

I wonder how many times I have heard people tell me about the book that they have always wanted to write.  What happened?  Was there a paper shortage?  No, what they really meant was that they always thought about writing a book.  It’s fun to think about doing stuff because you can do it watching TV while lying in bed.

The second analogy I observed is that both success and unicycling can be extremely frustrating, especially in the beginning stages.  Learning to ride the unicycle for me was a slow, sometimes painful, experience.  It would have been very easy to quit.  Just getting up on the seat while holding on to a wall and trying to stay upright was difficult.  That’s why very few people can ride a unicycle – it’s just too much trouble.  That’s also why mediocrity is such a popular condition – success is just too much trouble.

unicycling pictures 019

As a motivational author, I want you to have fabulous success, but I am not going to kid you.  It is frustrating, difficult and some days it seems as though you are going backwards rather than forward.  The people who can deal with and persist through the frustrating times end up being the winners.

Your attitude can help you to keep charging.  The attitude to maintain is that you are on an adventure; an Indiana Jones, stuck in the quicksand, watch out for poisonous snakes type of adventure.  Adventure, adventure, adventure!!  Have it tattooed  on your arm if that is what it will take to remind yourself of the fun you are having!

If you don’t like adventure, then you might as well throw the towel in right now.  There is no use torturing yourself.  Be an observer instead.  Watch other people do it.  Get a huge, big screen TV and live your life vicariously through others.  Hey, we need spectators!  We have lots of seats to fill.  Get yourself a ticket, sit your big butt down and watch others live their adventures while you wait contentedly for your burial.

The audience of life far outnumbers the players.  The seating in the auditorium is much larger than the stage.  The bleachers can hold thousands, but there can only be a dozen or so on the team.

unicycling pictures 022

People don’t need motivation – they need goals.  That’s why the motivation industry is a scam.  How the heck would I know what you want in life?  If you had some goals, you wouldn’t be wasting time looking for an easy answer in books.  An adventure has to have a purpose, even if it is never achieved.  In fact, it is inconsequential whether the goal is ever reached or not.  Whether it is discovering the source of a raging river, climbing to the top of a mountain, or finding evidence of Bigfoot, you have to have the attitude that you are on an adventurous mission.

If you feel unmotivated, it just means that there is nothing in life that you currently want.  Do you see my dilemma as a motivational author?  I can suggest setting goals, but if there is nothing you want, goal setting is a task in itself.  If you have to sit and agonize over what you think you want, it is not going to be a strong enough desire to move you off the couch.

However, one day it might come to the surface.  Who knows what will cause the spark, but I don’t believe it will come from willing yourself to be motivated.  Sorry.  Either you’ve got it or you don’t.  That is my philosophy of motivation.  It does eliminate a lot of the marketplace for me, but it comes down to my own reason for doing what I do.  I do not enjoy being brought in to corporations to motivate people who I feel could best be served by telling them to quit their jobs.  My mission is to spend my time with people who are already motivated and celebrate the condition with them.  Whew!   I finally got a chapter out of learning to ride that unicycle.  Make your life an adventure!     Scott Alexander

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Copyright 2010 by Scott Alexander

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  1. Josh #

    I really enjoyed this one. Thanks for the insight. http://twitter.com/jpaulcreative

  2. Sandi Lincoln #

    Regret is found in epidemic proportions!!~Scott Alexander (Regret is a self inflicted condition~Sandi) This is the BEST kick in the @$$ blog I’ve EVER read. Most people won’t be able to handle it! I LOVE IT!!!! Charge : < D

  3. Lynn Lawson #

    LOVE IT! I am going to share this with others! But first my unicycle is waiting for me!

  4. 4

    I think I can relate. http://www.buoyancyquest.com/workshops_2.html
    Our message is for real but our integrity is always under attack from a status quo that is constantly threatened by any emphasis on excellence. We believe that skills….”not equipment”, define a good diver. Thanks for your essay. I started learning the unicycle at age 61 and yes it hurts more than when you are 20, 30 or 40. My longest ride is 900 feet and I have lots of room for improvement. It does serve as a good metaphor to promote our mission. Especially when we can support our message with an image.

  5. scott #

    Keep charging, John!

  6. 6

    Can’t wait to have you along on one of my epic “One Wheel, One Day, 100 Mile!” Unicycle fundraising rides! We need to have a Rhino “Crash” on unicycles…a whole posse. I really hope I can make it to Chicago for the upcoming Rhino Retreat! Peace, Rhino (when I am addressing you I should maybe go by Rhino Junior? I go Rhino at work…)

  7. scott #

    Keep riding and charging, William!!!

  8. Ben Swartz #

    Well said. Fascinating process of programing the nervous system to accomplish a desired task. Very fun and rewarding.

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