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All you need is love, two-inch-thick skin and passion.

Last month, I wrote about my liberal Facebook buddy who posted a link to my blog and in the morning, upon finding negative comments from his friends, deleted the link and called me “dang Republican scum”.   He kept me on as a friend, however, and I did likewise.  Today, I received a sincere apology from him and he ended it with “Your rhino friend, …”

I’ve got an image to maintain, so I am not going to tell you that it made my eyes tear up.  Here is a guy whose beliefs are 180 degrees to mine on some sensitive subjects, but he still called me his friend.

It’s easy to get friends who hold the same values.  The accolades pour in from fellow conservatives, my brothers and sisters in Christ are quick to praise me, and anyone who likes The Beatles thinks that I have great taste in music.  Pro-lifers click the “Like” button,  people who don’t like what Obama is doing cheer me on, and those who think that global warming is a load of crap root for me.  I appreciate all my enthusiastic friends.

I wrote back to my liberal friend and told him to stand up for what he believes in.  You have got to admire passion!  That is a requirement for being a rhinoceros.  Jesus said to be hot or cold, never lukewarm, or he would spit you out of his mouth.  God probably chose Saul of Tarsus for his zeal, his fervor, his obsession.  Of course, Saul’s enthusiasm was for violently persecuting followers of Jesus, but God took Saul’s passion and transformed it to change the world.

I respect liberals for their strong emotions, however crazy.  They make life much more interesting than the innocuous wandering herd of cows who have no opinions, no interests and no desires.  I would much rather have a tattooed, big government, Obama liberal who wants to legalize same sex marriage as a Facebook friend than someone who has the intensity of bean dip.

Just be prepared for my passion too.  How come I always have to be tolerant, but liberals are under no such etiquette?  Maybe that is why I was so touched by my friend’s apology.     Keep charging and changing the world!  Love is all you need…and desire…a little audacity….persistence….friends to cheer for you.  Stay healthy, get enough sleep and remember to make it an adventure!    You’ll be right, mate.    Scott Alexander

Copyright 2010 by Scott Alexander

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  1. LESLIE S.S. #

    right on scott!i believe you hit the nail on the head… and i cant help but wonder, did the holy spirit dive right into your libral buddies heart! praise GOD it did….. love u L.

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