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Alternative Lifestyle – Contrarianism

Ah, the joy of being different!  The adventure of doing the opposite of what everyone else is thinking and doing.  This is the lifestyle of the Contrarian –  the rebel, the renegade, the nonconformist….  the rhinoceros.  We do not want to be penned up with the cattle waiting to be fed as we wander around in all the manure.

We don’t recognize TGIF.  We say “Thank God it is Monday”.  That’s when all the action happens.  We still enjoy the weekends, but the world gets changed during the week.

The contrarian does not live for security.  We would rather have total freedom than be handcuffed in exchange for some suffocating protection, like a job.  Having a job is great if you enjoy it, but most people do not like their jobs.

Contrarians do not like big government.  Big government is for the masses who want some form of cover and are willing to sacrifice their free will and their neighbor’s freedom for it.  I have never understood how anyone could find the idea of big government appealing.  Maybe feeble grandmas.  But young people?   Being young is supposed to be the time of wild abandon and wanting to experience life to the max.  Rock and Roll used to be about rebellion.  It has lost its edge.  Kids have been brainwashed into wanting “hope and change”.  Sad.

If you really want “change”, then do something yourself.  If someone you know needs help, HELP them!!   It is not the government’s job to be a refuge.   Let’s do something radical and eliminate all government assistance.  You know what will happen?  People will jump in and help.   That is Rock and Roll.  We don’t need no stinking government butting into our lives!!!  They can take care of the roads like they are supposed to.

The job of President needs to be changed from savior to servant.  Talk about hope and change!  Change with hope is going the other way!  The cow pasture needs to be torn down.  All we are doing is breeding more cows that are dependent on a bigger government.  I want to bring rebellion back to our youth!  I would like to see the United States become a Contrarian Country again.

Why do we have to fall in line with the rest of the Socialist, Marxist and Communist countries?  Can’t we be different?   I may be dreaming because if everyone believed like I do,  I wouldn’t be a contrarian.  There will always be way more cows than rhinos.  We are the underdogs in terms of numbers, but we have more passion, a more indomitable spirit and the willingness to take action.  On with the Revolution.  Keep charging!!   Your Radical Rhino friend,  Scott Alexander

Copyright 2011 by Scott Alexander

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04 2010

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  1. 1

    Rock and Roll indeed! Great post Scott!

  2. 2

    Yes, there needs to be more Rhino’s in this world and it’s a pleasure to know you Scott and read your thoughts here.

    The last few days my family and I decided to go shopping as part of our Anniversary celebration. When I see something that I really want, I buy it! Unlike so many cows who stand around chewing the cud trying to decided based on the “lack of money” mentality. I learned from another Rhino (Bob Proctor) that you don’t base on how much something costs, you just buy it if you want it! It’s brought untold freedom in my life! I’d say the same goes with “giving” and helping others. You want to help someone, help them. You want to give? Just give it! There’s plenty more where that came from after all! Our daddy in heaven is rich and so are his children!

    Wishing you more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life!


  3. Mark #


    Rock on!!! Rhino vs cow! I’ll run with the Rhinos!


  4. 4

    I worked in Moscow in 1992 very tough times i was a youth and community worker,i was there when history was being made!

    i have something to say to you …..


  5. scott #

    Thank you, Helen! Keep changing the world!!

  6. scott #

    Yeah, take a walk on the Rhino side!

  7. scott #

    Hey Dexter, it has been great getting to know you too! Keep charging!!!

  8. scott #

    Thank you, Mike! Charge on!!

  9. 9

    I read rhino success every morning, I just keep rereading it. It’s my coffee in the morning. Puts me in the right mind set. Love it

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