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Let’s keep illegal immigration alive!

I just got back from giving a talk in Omaha to over 4,000 Spanish-speaking rhinos.  I was relating how the most successful people are the ones who learn to overcome the difficulties.  Success is difficult and there are going to be obstacles.  Are you going to quit at the first sign of things not working out?  No matter how much you visualize, picture and dream about an easy road to success, you are going to encounter speed bumps, potholes, washboard dirt paths, no paths, falling rocks, and all kinds of signs telling you that you can’t go where you want to go.

Crap is gonna happen.  Those are your stories!  The more stories you accumulate, the closer you are to your dream.  You want to have the attitude that all the obstacles are part of the adventure.  But you have to be a rhino, put on your two-inch-thick skin and charge your way through.   You might get knocked down.  You might be victorious.  Either way, you will have a story.

I told the tale of one of my first talks to a group of drunk businessmen.  There I was, 24 years old, giving my best rhino talk to these loaded guys.  I was about half way done with my presentation when a roll came flying through the air just missing my head.  I ducked and continued.  Then another roll came flying at me.  Then more, until I was stopped by a volley of rolls and cloth napkins.  My wife was sitting in the front row crying.  I don’t remember being upset or discouraged.  Maybe puzzled.  I kept giving talks and that was the last time I had a roll thrown at me.

In Omaha, I thought it would be interesting to have a few people come up and share some obstacles that they had overcome in their lives.  I had no idea of the stories some of these people had.  For the next 30 minutes, we heard stories of border crossings where they walked for days in the desert with no food, hungry kids, no money.  One woman had lived under a bridge for 3 months.  Some lost friends in the desert.  Some were split up from their families.  The audience was crying, I was crying.

I felt so embarrassed.  Here I was complaining about having rolls thrown at me.  This group of people overcame incredible odds just to have a chance to work.  My host crossed the border when he was 20 years old.  He had a 2nd grade education, had no money, spoke no English.  But he was a rhino and he wanted to do something with his life.  He had ambition.  He wanted to work, make money and be successful.  He has done it.

It was a life changing weekend for me.  These warm, caring, enthusiastic people put me up on a pedestal and hung on my every word.  They weren’t there to hear how to get free health care.  They didn’t want anybody taking care of them.  They believe in free enterprise.  They only want to make their dreams come true with their own effort, their plans and a faith in God that left me amazed.  Some want to make money to send back to their families in Mexico.  Some want to become millionaires.  They know that they can do it here.

They can do it here right now, but how long until Obama turns us into Mexico?  I would rather have the problem of illegal immigration than no one wanting to come to the United States because the opportunities are no greater here than in Guatemala.  When the government takes so much from the producers to pay for the cows who don’t want to work, the incentive disappears.  When our freedom is replaced by the liberal do-gooders regulating our every move, killing initiative and trying to make us all equally miserable, there will be no more stories of immigrants risking everything for the chance to make their dreams come true here.

Where are we going to try to escape to when we can no longer chase our dreams?  We have been a beacon of light, of hope for hundreds of years and now people who think they know better are trying to snuff that light out.  Let’s keep the United States a place where the oppressed can still dream about escaping to.  And to those thousands of rhinos that I spoke to in Reno and Omaha who are overcoming their obstacles, not relying on the government, dreaming of making a better life for themselves and others, I salute you.   Keep charging!!  Scott Alexander

Omaha, April 2010 010

Copyright 2010 by Scott Alexander

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  1. LESLIE S.S. #

    AHHHHH you humbled me my friend and i thank u for that!you r so right about the light dimming to almost a flicker these days…here alot of us are trying to keep the boarders blocked..and these folks are just trying to grab as u well put it , what we all want.. freedom to be sucessful as they navigate toward our light. our dimming light ……..thanks again scott for sharing! L.

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