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Rhinoceros Success… 34 Years Later.

Wow!  It was 34 years ago this year that I wrote “Rhinoceros Success”.  I was recently asked if I would change anything in the book.

Why?  What changed?  Circumstances have certainly changed, but the principles of success have stayed the same and always will.  You still have to have the desire to succeed.  Without the will, it ain’t gonna happen.

You still have to take action.  You gotta charge.  Nothing will happen until you do.  It is probably the biggest obstacle to succeeding at anything.  It is easier to do nothing.  That will never change.  In fact, the government is making it easier to do nothing and is actually encouraging mediocrity.

Persistence is still essential.  You still need to have two-inch-thick skin to put up with the setbacks, the obstacles, the disappointments, the roadblocks – the torpedoes.   The attitude of never giving up can overcome a lot of handicaps like lack of education, no money, or 100 other reasons people come up with to justify their failure.

No, I would not change a single word, but I might add one to reflect the times:  harder. Charge harder than ever!  Dream bigger than ever!  Persist longer than ever!  Fight for your freedom harder than you ever have before.  God bless.   Scott Alexander

Copyright 2014 by Scott Alexander

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  1. LESLIE S.S. #

    PERRRR~FECT ! WOW 30 YEARS??? the orginal book priceless 😉 thank u scott your one of my favorite people in this here world…
    everyday is a new challenge… and like u said getting harder.
    i know a guy who has been on unemplyemnt for 2 years, very very over weight, and keeping his fingers crossed that the bebefits for unemployed get passed… i asked him who gonna pay for that? he said he felt he was getting all the taxes he ever paid back by getting it… i said goo for you, how about those 1000s other who have the same attitude? where is the money coming from ? the working class u are striving to make it all meet by CHARGING and tring to suceed… yes is harder when we have to support folks unemployed for over two years and they stand with thier hands out as the gov. hands it out…. ouch… harder by far..but im not giving up and ill pay my way only because i know GOD is the BIGGEST RHINO OF ALL !!!! TY SCOTT 🙂 LOVE U L.

  2. 2

    Gee Scott … Thirty years used to sound like a really long time, but in the overall picture not so much .. I did not make that connection until I read the article just now .. 30 years ago .. what a book and what a life you have led because of your RHINO MINDSET.

    This article really hits it for me .. that part about it being HARDER, that is. Jobs, health care, the economy, the environment, etc, etc. Like a choking smoke in the jungle, isn’t it?

    I can’t think of a better time to pull out my copy of RHINOCEROS SUCCESS my RHINO CHARGE GUIDE and read it again, keep it close by for quick reference too! And, I am printing this article to use a bookmark too!

    DAMN those torpedoes … RHINOS everywhere need to charge just as hard as the times have gotten .. never stop .. never give up .. never stop believing! Go under, over, through, whatever, just keep at it until you get through ..

    And, you could also ask the original Idea Guy for guidance too .. there are times I feel like I am charging in circles and that’s when Jesus shows me exactly HOW to overcome the hurdle and charge on even more determined then ever.

    Scott, your book has many times not only kept me in the hunt, but deepened my resolve time and time again … I knew I was a RHINO from the first chapter!!! :<)

  3. 3


    What a coincidence that this was the first webpage I came across after searching for “Rhinoceros Success”. I just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s great to know that 30 years later you’re still the charging rhino I saw in the back of the book (love the safari hat, by the way). I have already passed it on to two other friends as a mandatory read.

    It is so refreshing to read a book about success and professional development that has a sense of humor and is written cleverly. I enjoy reading books on business success, but oftentimes they all have the same thing to say. I will certainly keep your book at hand to read on the days when I need inspiration. Looking forward to reading Advanced Rhinocerology next!


  4. scott #

    Thank you, Shannon! Keep charging!! Scott

  5. 5

    Hi Scott!
    Haven’t spoken to you in a few years, but last time I did, we discussed unicycles and other Rhino related activities. I keep lending out my autographed copies of your books, and they seem to have this non-boomerang like action of not coming back to me. Hopefully, those who “borrowed” them from me are sharing them with others and awakening more sleeping rhinos.
    I am going to now order another set of your inspirational trilogy, and if you could take the time to autograph them for a fellow Rhino I would really appreciate it.
    I recently did a 102 mile ride in one day on a unicycle to raise money for my paralyzed brother Gary. I was followed by a 30-year-old fire truck and a bunch of Gary’s firefighter brothers that drove over 1,200 miles round-trip for the event. He was a firefighter for over 20 years and is now paralyzed from the chest down due to a tragic accident. I started a website called http://www.rideforgary.com in order to increase awareness and help to generate donations. If you get a chance to check it out I would be honored. I’m just asking people that I know to share the link with their connections, because you never know who might be able to help. I put my own life on hold since March of 2009 in order to be his full-time caregiver, because it was what any Rhino would do.
    Excellent job staying away from the “poachers” of the world Scott. Keep up the great work, and I hope to talk with you soon!

    William Rhino Mueller

  6. scott #

    Great to hear from you again, William! Rhinoceros Success can be ordered from the new publisher at 615-305-8524. Give your brother a rhino grunt for me. He is lucky to have you! Keep charging!!!

  7. 7


    I will be ordering more books. I started in car sales in 1997 and was given a copy of Rhinoceros Success. It made a huge impact on my life and career. Eventually, I became a sales trainer and made it a part of the training. 5 years ago I started my own tech company and it is now finally time to get back into training a sales team. Naturally, the first book I want to buy is yours. So, i found your website and am very proud of what I found here. You are still the same and still pushing on. You are awesome.

    We talked on the phone about 6-7 years ago and you sent me a nice wooden Rhino that still sits on my desk. Always a good reminder to me.

    I see the number for the new publisher and need to order another set of books soon. I had my kids read it and then had given away all the copies I had to help other people. I am glad you have a new publisher.

    Thanks for all you do and your message.

    Rick Singleton

  8. scott #

    Hi Rick! Great to hear from you and congratulations on all your success!! Keep charging!!!

  9. RAF #

    Your book was the start of my launch. It was the push I needed 15 years ago to charge like no tomorrow. Today my family will enjoy all my sacrifices and dreams. It’s all in mind.

  10. scott #

    Fantastic! Congratulations and keep charging!!

  11. 11

    Hi Scott,
    Heard so many great things about your book and I’m eager to read it but was wondering, “Is it available anywhere in audio download?”

  12. scott #

    Thanks, Bill! There are no audio versions right now, but stay in touch. There are cassette versions out there from the 80s that turn up occasionally on Ebay. Keep charging!!!

  13. 13

    Hi Scott – You were speaking to a worldwide audience and also directly to me on a recent WMI Wednesday-morning conference-call: surrounded by family-cows firing torpedoes right and left, while I do what you taught me in “Rhino Success”: just keep charging, ignore the cow-dung thrown at me, and keep my sights set on the prize (which I now live entirely as if it’s already been won). Thanks Scott for all you do for us budding entrepreneurs in this coming cycle of great risk.

  14. scott #

    Thank you, Jeff! What a great group of rhinos at WMI to be surrounded by! Keep charging!!!!

  15. Greg Murray #

    Wow! It took me thirty-one years to stumble upon this awesome book…and then, only by chance? I read it straight through, and then read it again. I bought a used copy to highlight and mark up and saved the new one to show and recommend to my friends (fellow Soldiers).
    I discovered Rhinoceros Success while seeking out cool Rhino paraphernalia on the WWW. An avid Rhino fan, as a part of an Army unit, The 808th Engineer Company that has adopted the Rhino as a mascot and now goes by the 808th Rhinos, I have surrounded myself with Rhino replicas, photos and even have a sealed plastic coin in my pocket filled with…you guessed it, processed Rhino manure. (Long Story). Of course if Mr. Alexander wanted to come and speak to our unit (as a community service), I would gladly share not only that story, but also the one about how my then Commander and myself, ingested a small amount of said manure in a gallant gesture to become one with the Rhino. (We have Pictures!)
    Just completed staging the highly successful, 2nd Annual Rhino Run 5K in Houston TX. (The first was run in Baghdad) The 3rd Annual Rhino Run 5K is tentatively scheduled for May 2012 (In Houston).This would be a great opportunity for Mr. Alexander to come on down to motivate the Soldiers of the 808th, and to give away autographed copies of Rhinoceros Success!

  16. scott #

    Well, Gregg, this one is right up there at the top of enthusiastic rhino stories! I salute you guys!!!! May the soldiers of the 808th Rhinos always charge with your horns pointed forward! You are all greatly appreciated for your service to our country! Keep charging!!!!

  17. 17

    Your friend introduced me to your blog… stunning and inspiring content and euphemisms… fab work!!! Thanks

  18. scott #

    Thank you, Jojo! I appreciate that! Give your friend a rhino grunt for me and keep charging!!

  19. Eric #

    Hi Scott.
    No Surrender. No Retreat.
    Years ago we bought the wooden rhinos from you and used them for “Keep Charging” Achievement Awards in the office for our sales teams. It was great. Any place you know of that you can hook me up to buy some more rhinos like that?

  20. scott #

    Thanks, Eric! Yes, I just got them in again and will be putting them up on Ebay. I will send you the link. Keep charging!!!

  21. Armando #

    I bought an enormous 4 ft. Long, 2 foot high Rhino. Its right next to my bed. Charge!!!

  22. scott #

    Keep charging, Armando!!

  23. Oscar #

    Wow! I can´t believe it. You look so young. Did you write the book when you were at kindergarden?

  24. scott #

    Ah, thanks, Oscar! I was 23 years old when I wrote it.

  25. Mark robinson #

    Trying to find Rhino Success. Over the years, I have purchased many and used to inspire people, but can’t locate any now. Any ideas on where I can get the first book?

  26. scott #

    Thanks, Mark! Dave Ramsey carries them, you can find them on Amazon and I have them on my Ebay site….FirstRhino. Keep charging!!!

  27. Matt Smith #

    Scott-I am livingthe Rhino Life! I Charge-Charge-Charge!!!!

  28. scott #

    We’ll both keep charging, Matt!!

  29. 29

    Scott – I first read your book in 1982 when I opened my pizza parlor in San Juan Capistrano and it inspired me back then. You even came to visit me and had some pizza while you were in Laguna Hills – you presented me with my first wooden Rhino. That same Rhino is still sitting on my desk over 30 years later. I bought all your books and lent out the first one to someone over 20 years ago and I never got it back. I wanted to read it again many times. As it turns out, my father had it and just gave it back to me this past week when I visited him. I reread it tonight and I feel like a RHINO again. Thanks for all your inspiration over these past 30 years. May GOD bless you always.

  30. scott #

    Thank you, Rick! Glad to hear that you are still charging!! Give your dad a rhino grunt for me!!!

  31. Angel #

    I was thinking about this book recently. My Mom was a single parent with 6 kids, YES 6 kids. She read this book to us at a very young age and it has always stuck with us. Our family is very competitive and have all worked in the same type of jobs throughout our lives. My Mom has pushed us up to the top to always believe we are “RHINOS” and not the lazy cow that gazes in the pasture. If we were down or something was bothering us, she would tell us to shine our tusks and charge through the Jungle. So thanks for sharing your story.

  32. scott #

    What an inspiring mom, Angel!! Please give her a rhino grunt for me!! Keep charging!!

  33. Walter #


    I have a Rhino Success cassette tape. I got it long time ago from my good friend.
    I have a successful manufacturing company now. Your cassette and “Think and Grow Rich” helped me to set goals. I would like to buy the CD version if possible.


  34. scott #

    Congratulations, Walter!! “Rhinoceros Success” is currently being put on CD by Dave Ramsey’s company, along with all 3 Rhino books. You might want to check in with them in the next couple months. Thank you and keep charging!!

  35. Mary O'Hanlon #

    Hi Scott, remember me? I just celebrated my 30 yr anniversary with Water Resources International. We took you with us to Hawaii in 1986 to one of our conventions with Lowell Foletta, CEO. I am still one of the Rhino teachers and even teach the art of charging to my foster kids. We would love to hear from you! Getting ready to train a new Rhino tomorrow. Still charging massively!

  36. scott #

    Yes, of course I remember you, Mary! Great to hear that you are still charging with Water Resources! Congratulations on your 30 year anniversary! I am still in touch with Wayne Levangie who is still rockin’ too! If you are on Facebook, request me as a friend!! I am found at rhinoscott@gmail.com Keep charging, Mary!!

  37. John Heimburger #

    Read “Rhino…Success” yesterday between Houston and Ft. Worth. The perfect way
    to get a most important fact of life across to our youth. We are reading it
    aloud (right now) to our 3 grown children! Knew this must be done, and it was
    great hearing it in every context….in ‘Rhinoceros’ form! Laughter and Reality
    are super companions!


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