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You are a movie!

Successful people are the ones who have persisted a little longer than most people will put up with.  Some people thrive on the demands that success requires and are able to mentally deal with the tests and trials that are constantly appearing. I have little tricks that help me deal with the torpedoes.  Being a rhino having two-inch-thick skin and charging through the jungle chasing down my dreams is, of course, a major mental tool.    Here is another one I employ –  Live your life like a major movie production company is going to produce a documentary about you.  That changes things.  You don’t want the film about you to bomb.  You don’t want the movie to go immediately to DVD and then have it end up in one of those $5 bins at Wal-Mart.

They are going to make a movie about your life!  Get going!!!  Give them something to work with!

Going about your day with this attitude does a couple of things.  First, it makes life more exciting.  You choose to do more with your life.  Nobody is going to want to pay $10 to watch a movie with you watching Seinfeld reruns and taking afternoon naps.   You have got to get out there and change the world… or at least, attempt to.

Not all great movies have happy endings.  But the best ones leave you feeling inspired.  You know the saying, “stuff happens”.   This is the best part of living your life like it is going to be a movie.  When the bad stuff happens, it adds to the drama.  How are you going to react?  Are you going to quit or fight on?   Are you going to let circumstances determine your fate?  Hell, no!!!  OK, now we’ve got a blockbuster.

In the movie, “300”, the small army of Spartans is eventually defeated by the massive Persian army.  But what an inspiring, motivating movie.  The battle has become a symbol of courage against overwhelming odds.

You may not have the Persian Army after you, but you may find yourself in dire straits that other people can relate to.  Are you going to take on your challenge or just give up.  Keep your movie in mind.  At this point, you are the writer, actor, director and producer.  Make it good!  Make it inspiring!   Make it the kind of movie that people walk out of feeling like they could accomplish great things too.  Have fun on your adventure.  You are a movie!  Keep charging!!  Scott Alexander

On the set of my movie.

On the set of my movie.

Copyright 2010 by Scott Alexander

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07 2010

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  1. LESLIE S.S. #

    ~~~~ i love this advice and funny you should write about it…. somdays i think im in a pee wee herman show… especially with all the activities goin on in my yard with the dogs , the cats, the birds ( the hummers especially.) racoons and babies ect: they all add to the fun ..its like over the hedge.
    is it because we know GOD is watching us and directing the scenes? that HE wants us to have fun while going thru the jungle, and we feel HIM in it all? id like to think so.
    wish i could write as fast as it all plays out… it is fun, exciting and with many moments of all the senses, as happy , sad, thrilled, confused, ect: ect: and many of just laughing at myself…. thanks scott for writing this is was beginning to think i just wasnt right…. :<) L.

  2. scott #

    Leslie, sounds like you have a great movie in the works! Maybe a comedy/drama/adventure movie, huh?

  3. 3

    Wow Scott…thank you. Very Inspirational/Convicting! Denise

  4. scott #

    Keep charging, Denise!

  5. LESLIE S.S. #

    ahhhh scott … im still in that movie …. and i love it thats its been months since i last commented this awesome share !! instead of watching re runs of sienfeld …i have my own real time episode going all the time …. cracks me up. im reminded as i reflect this blog…. this isnt dress rehearsal ….. this is the real thing ….. make it happen now before a new york minute changes everything….. but then again i dont fear that either cos ill be going home and meeting the rhino KING ….. now thats somthing to keep charging for!!!!!! <3 L.

  6. scott #

    Yup, we are going to have a fabulous ending to our movies, aren’t we Leslie? Everything else is just filler in comparison.

  7. 7

    Okay, tonight (new years eve 2010) seems like a good time to start ..

    My movie starts at my home office .. I just took pictures of my “production studio” here at Paulavision Productions and will post over at Charging Rhinos.

    And will be sharing the screen script too .. as I role it out 🙂

    This is gonna be fun!

    Thanks Scott for teaching me all about RHINOS – it all makes sense now – CHARGE!


  8. scott #

    Paulavision Productions! Fantastic!! You are going to have a great time in 2011!

  9. 9

    Guess this is a re-post, just seeing it. Love the analogy… Reminds me of Jim Rohn when he states that we all experience the same wind it is the way we set our sail that determines the outcome… I am a true believer in the power of positive thought, anything else is crippling. Lots of energy being a Rhino but has its rewards… Always focus on a target a goal… and of course as you say must keep charging all the while.

  10. 10

    Woow, Yuare really good, y always read you blog, And I just wanna say “THANK YOU” Hope to see you one day 😉

  11. scott #

    Hey, I appreciate that, Cesar! Thank you! Keep charging!!

  12. 12

    Thank you for your post, It can at a time when my spirit was totally broken. Thank you for reminding me that how i chose to spend my is up to me. God Bless

  13. scott #

    Hang in there, Cheryl. I’m sending out a prayer for you. Keep charging!!!

  14. leslie s.s. #

    glad i tapped back to the blog ive tapped into before a while back…… because id forgooten the feeling of the movie in the making, trick to life… and this is an awesome reminder , the 8 daus without power,at the beginning of march, added a huge piece to the film in process, and even some more humor, even tough after 8 days i had had enuff!!! thank u scott i enjoyed reading this today!!!!!!! God bless you your such an inspiration of insights to this thing called life…. L :<D

  15. scott #

    I am gonna go see your movie, Leslie!!

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