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The Babysitter From Hell.

How’s this for a horror story-  You hire a babysitter for the evening, but she doesn’t leave.  She follows you around the house demanding that you put in different lightbulbs.   You turn the heat up in the house, and she turns it down while scolding you.  She watches the amount of water you use as you prepare dinner, which she does not allow you to eat because she says it is unhealthy.

You try to escape to the garage, but there she is criticizing  your car and demanding that you buy one made by ObamaMotors.  Rush Limbaugh comes on the radio and she turns the station to NPR, gluing it into position.

Maybe there is relief in the bathroom.  No, she has disconnected the toilets because she wants lower flush toilets installed.  She screams through the door, “Don’t use too much toilet paper!   One square is enough.”

You run out of the house and head to work.  On the way, she watches you through traffic cameras and tracks your speed.  At the gas station, she appears and you have to pay extra for gas to pay her salary, even though you don’t want her in your life.

At work, the real horror starts.  The babysitter has multiplied and now clones are everywhere.  They question you about everything and tell you who you will hire, how much you will pay them and how you are now obligated to care for them the rest of their lives.  There are way more forms to fill out demanding more money to pay for all the new babysitters.  They are there to monitor what you sell, who you sell it to, how much you sell it for and then confiscate the money if they feel you are being too successful.

You run back home, turn on the TV and there is the babysitter on every channel announcing that you are too stupid to know what’s good for you.  You are destroying the planet.  You need to be monitored and controlled.  Report to the nearest State Reprogramming Facility immediately.

This is especially scary because, though this is a nightmare for us,  it is the dream for others.  It’s time to wake up and put a stop to this.  Fight Socialism with every thing you’ve got.  Keep charging!!    Scott Alexander


Copyright 2010 by Scott Alexander

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10 2010

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  1. Dave #

    12 days for us to change the direction of this once great country. Every Rhinoceros in the world must respond, not only is our way of life threatened but our very jungle could disappear. A Socialist Country is no place to raise a Rhino!

  2. LESLIE S.S. #

    creepy story cos its so close to the truth its scarey…

  3. Vince Steffens #

    God bless America, land of the free!

  4. Jorge Alexandria #

    I enjoy your website trmemdously, except when you venture into politics. Motivation need not be partisan.

  5. scott #

    Thank you, Jorge! I feel motivation and freedom go together, so I feel motivated to expose those who want to take our freedom. Keep your thick skin on and keep charging!!

  6. leslie s.s. #

    scott that picture is scarin the hell out of me…literally, im glad u posted it !! dont want the hell in me, ….. im even happier to know im still free, and the day i loose that freedom, is the day i get to go home to a new wonderful change of address, and that creepy in the pic is not gonna be there i have a great feeling, sad for him, but glad to know, no longer have to deal with any of the likes of em…have a great sunday friend.L.

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