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Liberal Government – Protector of “Inferior” People.

The concept of different races of people is basically an evolutionary idea that was taught by “educated” people, including Darwin.  Darwin believed that he belonged to a superior race that would eventually wipe out the inferior, black-skinned races.

So called “progressive, intelligent” people still believe this today.  They don’t want to exterminate any race, but they do believe that there are inferior people.   The government loves to classify us all, divide us up and pit us against each other, because it gives them a group of “victims” to protect.  I was baffled by this last census that cost 14 billion dollars and consisted of asking what your address is and what race you are.

We are all of the Human Race!  We have all been created by our Maker and the shade of our skin should be of no concern.

But government grows by protecting the “weaker” races, and thus, it is worth 14 billion to them.  As they grow bigger and more powerful, they need more “inferior” people that will clamor to them for cover.  So they divide us up and offer their protection.

Not only are laws written that require companies to hire so many of these “lesser” peoples, but there are added penalties for killing one of these people.  They are treated like weak, endangered animals that can not survive without special laws.

I know that I will be accused of being racist, because that is the mode of operation for anyone who believes that some people are inferior to others.  I believe in the goodness and greatness of all people.  I know that bigotry and irrational hatred exists.  You can’t outlaw being human.  God is the answer, not bureaucrats.

Love is the solution, but government does not expand on love.  Government grows on strife, misery and tragedy.  If you really want to change the world, love the people that live on it!  Keep charging!!!   Scott Alexander

Copyright 2011 by Scott Robert Alexander

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01 2011

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  1. LESLIE S.S. #

    right on! love u and love the blog today….. passin the love when i can :<D

  2. Dave H #

    I always thought the simplest way to stop racism is to stop having people check mark a little box that defines their race. If the Government didn’t ask them to categorize themselves would anyone else?

  3. scott #

    Brilliant, Dave!

  4. scott #

    Thank you, Leslie! Hey, I love you, too!

  5. 5

    Snort! Grunt! :-)> Rhinotude Smile

  6. 6

    Agree with Dave! What most people also don’t know about is that Planned Parenthood was started as a way to eradicate lower (in their eyes) races. Worth looking into their history.

  7. 7

    I agree whole heartedly! Any and every time that I’m required to “classify” myself to a race, I always mark other and write in “Human.”

    As a fighter for EQUAL rights, I do not believe that anyone should have special rights/laws. Every crime is a “Hate Crime,” no matter the victims race, nationality, sex, creed, cast, color, or sexual orientation. Any way that the government, religion, or any organization can use to divide a group of people is a way that they can control them.

    Love is the SOULution!

    Great post Scott.

  8. scott #

    Steve, a tip of the horn and salute to you! Thank you for your comment!! I’m fighting right there beside you, man!!! Keep charging!!

  9. Frank #

    I chuckle at the classification governments use to define people – In the US I can be classified as a Native American due to the fact that I am enrolled on the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa and have 1/4 degree blood. But in Canada because my grandparents were not part of any tribe (treaty) they were considered Metis (Mixed Blood) Although my grandmother was full Ojibwa (Chippewa) her tribe never signed a treaty with the Canadian government so she wasn’t considered an Indian. And Metis were not recognized as Aboriginal peoples in Canada until 1981 when they were included in the new constitution. To complicate things even further I hold dual nationalities Canadian/American. If the Socialists would allow natural selection to proceed our country would flourish, as the greater good of the stronger ones will allow them to protect and take care of the weak not because they are of a lesser group but because that is what we as humans are supposed to do.

  10. 10

    Hey Scott! The government is smart. They realize that the “masses” are well over 50% of the population. By catering to their “needs” they have a better chance of having the “majority” re-electing them.

    We “three percenters” don’t stand a chance if every person is entitled to one vote.

    There would be all out rioting in the streets if Obama took one of his Saturday addresses and read something out of the Rhino books. Imagine the “Super Cows” speaking “Rhino” to the masses?? LOL Their heads would explode!

    It is sad to me that the United States was founded by a bunch of “Rhinos” and has eroded into a nation of “Cows” and “Super Cows.”

    But, I use that as motivation. Our bloated government inspired me to become an entrepreneur and become self-reliant. At least the government still makes it advantageous to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee when it comes to taxes.

    Now the biggest reward I receive is helping a former “Cow” wake-up to the potential of becoming a true “Rhino” and THRIVING in today’s world!

    Thanks for the forum to remind myself just how fortunate I am to have a great community of charging Rhinos to plug into!

    Kevin K.

  11. scott #

    Good points, Kevin! Yeah, we may be only 3%, but we have the passion, energy and determination. We will prevail. Hang with the Rhinos and keep charging!!!

  12. 12

    Well put, Scott! I was having a similar discussion this morning about the same thing. The need to be a “minority” is ridiculous, especially if you believe you’re the image of the Most High. Many people look for perfection in the form of being a dependent on some form of materialism (i.e. physical, mental, spiritual, etc). At what point do we GROW UP & become accountable, using the “gifts” we already have instead of wanting to be another carbon copy?

    @ Kevin- good analogy! there’s a reason why people are considered “cash cows” to others; just give me the lane so I can charge head on 🙂

  13. Le Mur #

    “A believer in Darwinism, Hitler …”

    That’s a laugh. Hitler was actually copying liberal (e.g. Oliver W. Holmes Jr) American eugenics enthusiasts, and they were all clueless.


    “Then for the first time there could be a racism which is based not on some kind of virulent ideology, not based on some kind of kooky versions of genetics, because the eugenicists in the beginning of the 20th century, as well as the Nazis hadn’t had any idea about genetics, they were just using the word, even though they knew nothing about the science of genetics as we understand it today. But what happens if now for the first time we, i.e., you who begin to understand genetics, begin to perceive that there are, in fact, different populations of humanity that are endowed with different constellation of alleles that we imagine are more or less desirable?”


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