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Motivational Secrets Revealed!!

You’ve seen those TV shows where a masked magician shows the secrets of how the magic tricks are done.  I like to do the same thing in the field of motivation.  Motivational speakers and authors don’t like to admit that motivation is really a do-it-yourself affair.  We’ve got books to sell and seminars to give, and it just won’t do to have people thinking that they can succeed without us.

You can!  Here is how it is really done.  All successful people have a desire rolling around in their brains which is their predominant thought.  This is what you are after.  This is your goal, your dream, your purpose!  When you have one predominant thought that occupies your mind, your heart and your soul, you will achieve it.  An overwhelming desire is the key to this trick.

People who are already pumped up are the ones we look for.  They read our materials and listen to our yapping;  realize their predominant thought and then credit us with changing their lives!  Smooth.

Some people don’t have one predominant thought.  They are just passing through.  They are not bad people, but they are not going to make this trick work.  Maybe one day, something will put a spark in them and they will develop a passion to do something with their lives.  We keep these people on our mailing lists so that when the trick will work for them, we can sell them our books, our seminars, our CD programs and get the credit for their success.

Do you have one all consuming desire that lives within you and screams to be satisfied?  If you do, congratulations!  It will happen!!!  You are going to change the world!!  If you don’t have any such desire, realize that it is all that stands between you and success.  My recommendation is to associate with those who are on fire with purpose.  As you associate, so you become.  Hang around with the rhinos and start charging!!!  Life is magical, enjoy the adventure!   Scott Alexander

For my next trick, I need a volunteer.  Is there anyone in the audience with a predominant thought?

For my next trick, I need a volunteer. Is there anyone in the audience with a predominant thought?

Copyright 2011 by Scott Robert Alexander

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02 2011

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  1. Dave H #

    With all due respect Sensei, I think you you over simplified your role in the grand scheme. I believe with all my heart that I am one of your Rhinoceros brethren. But 30 years ago I didn’t know what I was, that was “BRS” in Dave’s life (Before Rhinoceros Success).
    I had drive, always worked hard, sort of had some faith that was passed down from my Grandmother; but I had no direction. So, I read that little red book. Didn’t give me one answer but it sure laid down a path for me to follow. I had to take the step (and buy the blue book), read that other book you talked up so much (the Bible), take another step (grab the green book), study the Bible some more, accept the fact that I needed my Safari Guide, snort a little, grow a horn, the required 2 inch thick skin and poof: 30 years later a full fledge Rhino!
    Now I agree that the map maker doesn’t take my vacations for me, but I sure as hell would be lost with out that piece of paper. So at the least you’re a Map- maker.
    A magician, sorry Scott, not a chance! See they are really good liars, masters of MISdirection. They tell you look there and do sneaky stuff here while you’re looking there. Now politicians are magicians but you sir are not. What you do is paint a simple picture with truths that have, to date, lasted 30 years. You are a preaver of truth, a Messenger. And because your message is true you get double points here: An Emancipator – John 8:32 and a Brother -Ephesians 4:25
    Finally, you make it all work in a package that is entertaining, informative and for those of us who “don’t read so good” with cool pictures. That makes you an Artist.
    So you sir are a map making messenger, artistic emancipator who I am proud to call Brother! Magician…pfffft…get outta here!

  2. scott #

    What a message to wake up to! Thank you, Dave. I have never been called an emancipator before. I like that better than magician!! Truly honored, humbled and amazed. It is a blessing to count you as a Rhino brother, Dave. Keep charging and making the world better! You touched mine today! Scott

  3. Sandi Lincoln #

    I am totally hanging with you (and my other rhino friends) forever! God willing! You gave me tools I didn’t have myself, though. “Believe”. From Rhinoceros Success. How it’s worded in my brain, “When you are lacking energy and having self doubt, you have lost your belief~and just take it back!! Believe AGAIN immediately!”
    And “Watch out for cows” 😀

    I am going to change the world, by the way. I already am! I am just perfecting my skills!!!
    A rhino can get so much more accomplished! I did more FIRST’S since Jan 1, 2011 when I became a rhino, than I had done in the last 10 yrs! Thank you for making my life easier with these tools. I was actually caring what cows thought! Haa! How freeing! YEAH! You’ve released me from my kitten status! It feels sooooo good get out of that skin! 😀

    CHARGE!!!! :<D

  4. scott #

    Sandi, you are magical!!! Keep charging!!

  5. LESLIE S.S. #

    scott, i love how u can get a point across and then someone comes right behind u and sums up why your the highly spirited rhino that u are…, youve changed alot of peoples lives, and the fact that we can connect with many even heightens your goals…. and ours… !!!!!
    “good job well done” thank you brother/friend ya rhino~~~~~~~ love ya L. :<)

  6. scott #

    Thank you, Leslie!! Love and appreciate you, too!

  7. 7

    You nailed it again Scott!!! Thanks for keeping your horn in the game. 🙂

  8. scott #

    I’m honored to know you, Janine!! Keep charging!!

  9. 9


    Once again, as one of my mentors and people whose spirit I strive to emulate, I agree with the response that with the exception of a handful of other leaders, you sir, lead by example. While we (as the masses) could possibly achieve level of success on our own, there are other intrinsic factors that are dormant until someone like you turns on the light switch. The reference I thought about when reading your post was the fact that my predominant thought is one who can “turn on the light switch” in a way where more people realize that the house is on fire- it’s not my responsibility to force them out of the door, or make them in my own image; it’s simply my job to turn on the light, which you have been consistent in doing (@ least for me and others) for so many years… so thank you, as I intend on paying it forward =)

    ~Phillip L Lyde
    “The Prosperous Rhinoceros” =)

  10. scott #

    Thank you for that well thought out response and the compliments, Phillip! Let’s both keep “turning the lights on”! Keep charging!!

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