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Rhino Tough!

Toughness is not determined by how many push-ups you can do,  how much of your body is covered in tattoos, or how loud your motorcycle is.

Toughness is measured by your ability to continue on when conditions are rough.  You might only weigh 98 pounds, but if you push past the point where others quit, you are as frightening as a 6,000 pound rhinoceros.  Maybe you have never considered yourself tough, but if you can chase a dream when all your “friends” and family belittle you, you are as rugged and fierce as a rhino.  If you have never thought of yourself as a fighter, yet pursue a goal despite tremendous obstacles, you have the thick skin of a rhino and would be considered as immutable as the most seasoned Marine.

Can you set a course and stick with it?  When the rains come and the wind blows, will you stay up on deck and keep sailing the ship?  That is being tough.

Can you set a goal and keep charging at it every day?  When the jungle brush is so thick that you can no longer see in front of you, will you keep moving?    That is being tough.

You are a 6,000 pound rhinoceros with 2 inch thick skin and nothing is going to stop you!  That is being tough.  Keep charging!!!   Scott Alexander

Copyright 2011 by Scott Robert Alexander

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02 2011

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  1. Denise Wright Reinhardt #

    Wow…Thanks for the Rhino Push!

  2. Dave H #

    Every time I want to wimp out, there you stand. This has been going on for about 30 years now Scott and I’d like to say that I am sick of it. But the honest truth is I would never have made it to this point without my Sensei of all things Rhinoceros! Now that I’ve grayed and grown set in my ways, I might as well keep charging. But I want you to know it’s all your fault…Thank you my thick skinned brother!

  3. scott #

    Denise, you are as tough as they come! Keep charging!!

  4. Reese #

    Ha! I cant do any pushups so I know you werent making fun of me 😉

    “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other” President A. Lincoln

  5. scott #

    Bear Grylls has nothing on you, Reese! Anyone who practices self-dentistry immediately goes to the top of the Tough category!

  6. 6

    Hi Scott,
    It was the Rhino attitude we learned from you many years ago that has caused us to push like a 6,000 lb Rhino for our dreams. Now we live that dream! I pushed through and published my book “Is Your Relationship Under Siege?” I raised Rhino kids that push through to accomplish their dreams. Because of you efforts many people including me have been blessed with this attitude.

  7. scott #

    Congratulations on all your success, Debbie! Excited to hear about your book!! Keep charging!!!

  8. 8

    Is it okay to be “tough” on the outside and “soft” on the inside once in awhile?

  9. 9

    Well I can do a lot of push ups and am a seasoned Marine and boxer but really none of that has anything to do with succeeding in life and your business. You get hit way harder running your own business then blazing into the enemy or going toe to toe with Mike tyson! At least when you get knocked out in boxing the fight is over after the fight you’ll get up and be ok. In business if you don’t get up and keep going you’ll have to live with that quitter mentality for the rest of your days while you trudge off to your miserable J.O.B. NEVER stop charging!

  10. scott #

    Denise, have thick skin and a giant heart!!!

  11. 11

    The push I needed today! Thanks!

  12. scott #

    Keep charging, Patty!!



  14. scott #

    Getting it ready now, Bob! Thanks!!

  15. Chris Wittusen #

    I just wanted to let you know that your book made a huge difference in my life, I’m going through a divorce and its been hard. However, I’m surrounded by great Rhinos (Michael Johnston and many more) and he handed me a copy of the book and it helped me understand where I’m in life and who I should be and can be.

    I have now grown thick skin, 6000 pounds and I’m CHARGING forward with life and I’m able to stay focused and positive all day, every day.

    Thank you for a great book.

  16. scott #

    Hang in there, Chris! Things are gonna get better! Keep charging!!

  17. Sara Wittusen #

    Dear Scott

    I just read all the comments from people that are under the believe that by doing what you talk about on your book that doesn’t say run away from reality, or forget your promises and responsabilities, and leave a free life.
    It’s very sad how people interpret your book and do the opposite of what God word teaches. but Anyway I have read your book and went true a divorce that I did not want but was force into it. just because your book let them believe that by ignoring and not face the commitments and fallow the promises made. and that it is better to run without any explination and hurt the people you promised to love and proptect. to the point that it becomes hard to trust anyone else.


  18. 18

    I was given a copy of Rhino Success at age 21. In 1989 used for my sales team. I found a small box that when turned the right way made a loud mow sound like a cow . When one of my sales reps gave an excuse on why they didn’t close . I would pull out the cow box from behind my pulpit it was great.. They were all convinced that they were Rhino’s and they were some of the strongest closer’s assembled under one roof. Also a shout out to my old boss who made me go to a Dale Carnegie course after work naturally. The course was called public speaking and human relations 13 week every Monday for about 3 hour’s At a young age both Rhino success and Dale Carnegie change my life Thank’s Scott and keep on keepin on

  19. scott #

    I am honored, Lester!! Keep charging!!!


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