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Even Rhinos get the Blues.

Do you think that just because you are a rhino, you are immune to the blues?  Nope.  In fact, rhinos may be more prone to the blues!  When you are out taking chances, there is a greater risk of disappointment.  You give your heart easily and it is a rhino-sized heart.  Sometimes it gets broken.  You chase dreams and sometimes it seems they are escaping.

Rhinos experience everything bigger, including the blues.  Don’t fret.  Blue is one of life’s colors.  You wouldn’t be as colorful of a character, if you didn’t have some shades of blue.  No need to be ashamed.  Instead, be proud!  The more living you do, the more disappointments you will encounter.  There are only five primary colors (yellow, red, black, white and blue), but in combination, you can create thousands of hues.  Use your blues!

It’s part of the adventure, like getting  “Montezuma’s Revenge of the Soul”.   You will get through it, but isolate yourself as you would if you had the flu.  You can confide in a close friend, but to expose others to your temporary blue attitude is not the Rhino way.  The blues can be contagious, especially if others are looking to you for leadership.

Revel in it, celebrate it, sleep it off, go for a run, watch a movie, read a book, plant something in the garden, change the oil in your car.  Do whatever helps you to “pass” it, and then get back in the jungle charging with a renewed vigor.  You know how you really appreciate feeling normal when a bad headache finally goes away.  When the blues go, you will value the opportunity to get out there and achieve more.  Your horn will have a sharper edge.

It’s a short emotional season that sometimes generates epiphanies, renewed determination and occasionally bouts of genius.  Take advantage of it, but make it a short season.  You are a rhinoceros!  You need to be out in the jungle charging!!

Copyright 2011 by Scott Robert Alexander


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05 2011

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  1. 1

    Great advice to keep on Charging. Thanks Scott!

  2. 2

    Blues are a specialty tool, the one that hangs on the back tool board that’s dusty and most people don’t even know what it’s for but when you’ve got that problem only that tool can fix the problem and you are always grateful you’ve kept it around. And oh yeah you never loan that tool to anyone!
    thanks for the reminder Scott!!

  3. Paula McInaney #

    One of the things I revel in is talking about real issues. And, this week has been filled with odd shaped and sized torpedoes all firing at once (must be on the right path!) Then, last night, an insidious shade of blue rose up and was there this morning too. And lo and behold, I discover this article; what perfect timing! Scott, how did you know??? Off to scrub some floors and crank the music – be back in a bit with horn freshly sharpened and ready to CHARGE!!!! Thanks Scott, you are the best! xoSee More


    scott , u r so right about sharing the blues, it is contagious, and a rhino being as sensative as they r , will catch blues from others as well…. and being such high energy people that we r, and did i mention creative, he can get the blues for this reasons as well. my blues dont come as often as they once did, and they dont last nearly as long as they use to, as i look up and say thank u LORD for that,cos i now realize HE s still here with me, and will see me thru , and help me sort thru the stuff that really matters, any how i appreaciate this blog on the blues, and do hope all is well over in your neck of the jungle…. love ya scott…. L.

  5. 5

    We all from time to time get the blues, but you’re so right Scott. We must find a way to break out of the blues and there are many ways to do this. Read a book, listen to your favorite music, watch a favorite movie, go for a walk. Throw your shoulders back and start whistling! Soon you’ll be out of the slump and back charging towards what you do want!
    Someone very wise at one time gave me a key: She told me “Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

    Inspiring you to have more Wealth and Riches in every area of your life,

    Dexter Black

  6. Denise R Santiago #

    Thanks, Scott…I needed that…I have been going through the blues…I wear my heart on my sleeve and man sometimes it gets pulverized, but blue is my favorite color and I will use that blue to brighten my life and others….

  7. scott #

    Hang in there, Denise!! You will pull through – rhinos always do!

  8. 8

    Much needed reality check, Scott! My wife & I were just talking about this this week; the cows will continue to be the cows, we have to keep charging!

  9. 9

    Good timing Scott. Thank you. Also thanks again for your part in my ability to truly celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas Scott!

  10. scott #

    Merry Christmas to you too, Jeff! Keep charging!!!

  11. Jean Reilly #

    i so love your blogs.. so much meat in them.. I so know I am a rhino. Just wonder what took me so long….

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