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Celebrate Difficulty!

I am a contrarian in the motivational business in that I believe that success is difficult.  Actually, it’s an acknowledgment rather than a belief.  If success was easy, it wouldn’t be success.  It would be mediocrity, because to be mediocre is easy.  You don’t have to do much to be good at it.    Don’t cheapen your achievements!  You’ve worked long and hard to get where you are.  Don’t be ashamed to say, “yeah, it was tough, but I hung in there, I persisted and I succeeded.”

Of course, I also acknowledge that having the right attitude is radically important.  The attitude to have is that the difficulty makes it adventurous!

Just because something is defined as “difficult” doesn’t mean that it is unpleasant.   A puzzle can be difficult – that’s what makes it fun!  Having a baby can be difficult – that’s what makes it a life changing experience!  A safari through the jungle can be difficult – that’s what makes it an exciting adventure!

You are trying to change the world – not show up for a job!  There are going to be challenges.  Everything is not always going to go as planned.  That’s why you need to keep the attitude that you are a rhino charging through the jungle.  There are poisonous snakes out there, torpedoes, quicksand, negative mother-in-laws.  It’s gonna take 2 inch thick skin, rhinoceros resolve and the ability to keep picking yourself up when knocked down to make it through this jungle.

If you’ve never experienced the hot sun of the jungle bearing down on you, you’ve never been in the jungle.   You won’t develop the 2 inch thick skin, unless you expose yourself to the biting insects and the elements.  And you won’t feel the breeze at the top of the mountain, unless you feel the climb on the way up.

Celebrate the difficulty!!!   Keep charging!!!    Scott Alexander

Copyright 2011 by Scott Robert Alexander

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05 2011

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  1. Sandi Lincoln #


  2. 2

    Old Spice Danger Zone is named after me.

  3. scott #

    I suspected that, Glenn! Thanks for confirming!

  4. 4

    Amen, Brother.

  5. 5

    Alfredo Molina who owns a 78ct. white diamond called the “Arch Duke of Joseph” and Molina Jewelers in Phoenix AZ. sent me three books. One which you wrote “Rinoseros success” I read it and just wanted to let you know it was great and now I am a Rhino. Great stuff. I need this because trying to get in the music industry is a jungle. I just recently launced my first single called “The Party After the Storm” and was first disappointed with sales. However after reading your book it REALLY has giving me a new positive attitude and outlook on my new adventure.
    Thanks Scott!!

    Eddie Turner

  6. scott #

    Congratulations on the first single, Eddie! Yes, Al Molina is an incredible Rhino! My ex-wife got to wear the Arch Duke of Joseph when we visited Al a few years ago. Keep charging!!!

  7. John HATCHELL #

    Scott, exalante words of power for the Rhino charging. I love how you capture success in a mindset. You are crazy wicked true on the mediocrity people have chosen. We do a lot of sidestepping with those folks in the way. Keep rockin, punching through the jungle of life….

  8. scott #

    Thank you, John! I appreciate that!

  9. Linda Beck #

    Hey Scott…Love this Repost, thanks. It Reminded me to Keep My focus during Life’s Special Difficult Minutes! Life in Realness Realm is continual challenge! Having difficulty is second nature to me. Appreciate You! Off to Charging Again & Again. Carpe diem…Boy, did Horace Sure Nail this one, His Poem back in 23 BC. Ciao, uomo Bello ~ Linda

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