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Rhino Game – Wake the Zombie!!

As you drive about in your automobile, take notice of the other motorists.  How do they look?  Are they smiling?  Do they look excited?  You will quickly discover that our roads and highways are being traveled by a nation of zombies.  Most drivers maintain a fixed, glazed expression as they work their way through the traffic.  Eye contact is avoided at all costs.  Smiles are nonexistent.   The only indication of any life is that their car is moving.  Somebody has got to be pushing on the gas pedal.  It must be them!

At the next traffic light, pull up to the nearest zombie and stare at him or her.  Study his expressionless face.  What is he thinking about?  He looks as though he might be going to a funeral… his own!  Continue your observation.  It’s funny, but no how deep in shock  he might seem to be, once you start to stare,  he will sense it and look over at you to wonder what you are looking at.

Your tendency will be to look away as soon as he does.  This time, don’t.  Instead, smile or wave.  This will totally baffle him.  See what he does next.  Most drivers will flash back a quick, nervous smile and then stare straight ahead again, dying for the light to turn green.

Isn’t this a fun game?  If simply staring won’t wake a zombie out of his coma, beep your horn.  Then when he or she looks over, grin the biggest grin you can and wave like he is a good friend you haven’t seen in years.

Scoring goes:  Two Points for a return smile and a wave.   One point for just a return smile.  No points for merely breaking the coma and minus points for any accidents.  Have fun and keep charging!!    Scott Alexander

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Copyright 2011 by Scott Robert Alexander

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06 2011

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  1. 1

    I love this! Since I no longer have to commute in CA traffic…I never feel stressed on the road anymore so I already play this game quite often.
    I love the fact that I’m never in a hurry these days (Rhino lifestyle) so I take my time, enjoy tunes in the car and do my favorite thing – which is “watch people” on the road (or in airports, grocery store or bank lines, etc.)for the pure pleasure of being curious about others.
    Sad how many people are in a Rush these days going to / fro and waiting for the lines to hurry up.

    Once when I catch their eye I LOVE to give them a HUGE SMILE. They always look shocked at first (coming out of their “BOOF Land” come or as you say Zombie) and then they will crack a Smile back.

    I hope it makes their day to see a friendly smile..seems to!

    Thanks again…I’ll take a score of 10 for today as I usually make it my goal to get 5 people a day to smile!

    Denise :o)

  2. scott #

    You are making the world fun, Denise! Now, if there were about a hundred million more of you, traffic would be a blast!

  3. 3

    My wife always chews me out when we drive next to someone or pass them and I always look at who is driving. “What are you looking at?” she says. I respond with “just checking for life”. It is funny how much time people spend washing their car, the special paint jobs, putting on fancy wheels, air fresheners and the like and when you see them in it it’s like being at a wake viewing the body in a fine casket 😉
    Keep charging Scott!

  4. scott #

    Funny, Richard! Your wife needs to get in on the action!

  5. 5

    My grandfather used to play this game when I was a kid. And what made it really funny was he had one of those musical horns that played several songs … including … CHARGE!!! Du du du duuuuu du duuuuuuu!!! CHARGE!!

    LOL! He was a Rhino before I even knew what one was! (This would have been around 1983 at age 13). He was super cool!! Driving around in his baby powder blue pimpmobile (Cadillac) being the bad ass he was!

    Thanks for the reminder, Scott. I can’t wait for the next family outing when we’re ALL in the car!

  6. scott #

    How fun to have a grandfather like that!!

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