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We are the New Hippies!!!

Remember the hippie days of the 1960s?  Young people were rebelling against the system – “the man”.  Now, there is nothing wrong in protesting, right?  Rebellion is a natural part of growing up.  The hard part is finding something to protest and the easiest targets to attack are whatever your parents believe in.  Parents are never with it, you know.  They are so uncool.

Back in the 60s, parents didn’t believe in free love, so that was a natural!  Parents believed that only girls should have long hair, so all of a sudden, the guys had to have it.  No parents wanted their kids smoking marijuana, thus it became very popular.  You get the idea.  Whatever your parents want you to do, you don’t want to do and vice versa.  That is rebellion in a nutshell.

Now, look at what has happened over the last 40-50 years.  The flower children, the hippies and yippies of the 60s became “the man”!  A lot of them took over the system and now have the power.  You can find them teaching their liberal views in school, voicing their opinions daily in the media and hordes of them now work for the government; many working towards positions of power to ensure that we live the way they believe we should.  Jerry Brown, our new California governor , is a perfect example of the 60s hippie now running amok.

Rather than fighting for cradle to grave security like the old generation, we “new hippies” are now battling for a laissez-faire form of capitalism.  Laissez-faire means “a doctrine opposing governmental interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum necessary for the maintenance of peace and property rights.”

In other words, we want NO government at all, except what is necessary to protect our lives and our personal property.  That may sound shocking to you now and that is why the young generation will fight for it.  Long hair on guys used to be shocking.  Marijuana used to be shocking.  The Beatles used to be shocking.

Unlike yesterday’s flower child, the new generation will strive towards individualism, independence and the desire to take chances.  The government of today does not foster these ideals and will be rejected and tossed out.  A bloated, inefficient government will one day be a bad memory of the past.  Career politicians will be a forgotten, outdated relic as the bureaucracies crumble from their own weight.  Life will again throb with the impulse of achievement, because the incentive will be there.  Can you dig it?  Join the Revolution!!!  Let’s make America greater than it has ever been!  Keep charging and groove!!    Scott Alexander

Question authority!  Fight "the man".

Question authority! Fight "the man".

Copyright 2012 by Scott Robert Alexander

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07 2011

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  1. 1

    I can dig it! Three snorts then we charge down the fences!

  2. Dave #

    As a fervent member of the “Revolution”, thank you for your words of inspiration. The citizens of our great land are far too close to servitude to an overreaching government.

    Tyranny is tyranny, in 1776 or 2011. Legislation that bypasses Congress is not “Executive Order”, it is the malice of a Tyrant. Redistribution of wealth is not “fair share”, it is Socialism. Mandated healthcare is not “providing for the common good”, it is taxation with ignorant representation.

    Our current Commander in Lethargy uses the word “racist” and class warfare to divide and conquer our values. Today it is the “Producers” who are under attack. Tomorrow, when the Producers have been conquered, to whom will the covetous machine of entitlement turn?

  3. scott #

    Dave, brilliant as always!! So appreciate you!!

  4. 4

    you’re on fire with this one Scott! It is finally happening they can’t pay the bills and people are beginning to see through the charade! It’s going to be a wild ride and I’m thrilled to be on it with you!!!

  5. scott #

    Ain’t being a rebel, great? Keep charging, Richard!

  6. Jacqui #

    I concur. I may not have even been thought of in the 60’s, or the 80’s for that matter. But our government is getting too controlling. Attacks on the Second Amendment is just preposterous to me. And trying to take away our First Amendment rights is just going to lead to a BAD cow things. Great job, Scott. 🙂 As always, an inspiration.

  7. scott #

    Thank you, Jacqui! I appreciate that! Keep charging!!

  8. Jim #

    “Toto, something tells me we’re not in Kansas, anymore.” Great post, Scott. I’m sensing a movement at the grass roots level of our country. Are people really starting to wake up? Let’s hope so… Keep Charging!!!

  9. scott #

    Thanks, Jim! Yes, I am sensing that energy, too. I believe it will get stronger as the Obama noose tightens. Keep charging!!

  10. Mike Sanguedolce #

    I agree, it’s time for a revolution. If we can get the ear buds out of our ears and our noses off the phone screens. I don’t see a single Rhino in Washington. I agree that we need a protest champion. Scott,we need another Rhino Book. One that will slap us in the face and make us afraid to sleep at night, in fear that we may miss something exciting. We need to get excited about being Americans again. JFK said,” Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Tell your cow in Washington that we want Rhinos, WE WANT RHINOS. Let’s be heard, not a herd. I’ve had about as much as I can take.

  11. scott #

    Yeah, Mike, the time for action has come! Peace, love and freedom!!

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