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How do you explain that feeling you get when you connect with someone who makes you feel alive?  Someone who excites you, warms your soul, makes you happy.  There is a definite chemistry between the two of you.  Sparks fly!  It is magic!  Some call it infatuation, or twitterpation, a crush, or love.  Whatever it is, you are in a constant state of bliss.

Can you imagine if you felt that same way about your work, your profession, your business?  That’s how it should be!  Why spend your life doing something that is not inspiring you?  Why suffer with diarrhea every Sunday night because you have to go to work in the morning?  You are in a bad relationship!  Get out!!  You need to have a crush on what you do!!  Don’t resign yourself to a life of just getting by.

You may already know what you would love to do.  Do everything you can to make that your life!  If you don’t know, start looking!!!  Do some soul searching.  The life of your dreams is out there!  Let the sparks fly!!!   Scott Alexander

Celebrating achievement!!

Infatuated with making dreams come true!!

Copyright 2012 by Scott Robert Alexander

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03 2012

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  1. 1

    Scott…22 years ago..a little red book called Rhinoceros Success made me take a hard look at my then dead job and turned around my life. I started living and lovin what I did EACH day and I’ve never looked back. Over the years, I have taken a few jobs here and there but only as a means of temp finance to get where I truly want to go. Thank you…I love what I do and I love LIVING my life feeling ALIVE each day..whether it’s infatuation with the flowers I grow in my garden, watching babies/kids grow and change or making new memories with family and friends. EACH day for me is a GIFT and I am glad to be living in the Present (gift in itself). Thank you for opening my eyes to this 22 years ago and continually provoking/reminding me with your blog and thoughts on FB. Truly Honored – Denise :o)

  2. scott #

    I am equally honored, Denise! So privileged to have you as a friend!

  3. Frank #

    Scott – Somebody once wrote that they were “unemployable” – well that’s me – I can only work for one person – Myself – It is very eerie how people with like minds are drawn to each other – in our case kinda like a “Rhino magnet” I am in love every day with my work – one, because I can control it and two, I choose to do what I want to do everyday.

  4. scott #

    Haha! Absolutely, Frank! Being unemployable is definitely a blessing!!

  5. 5

    So,like I need to do some soul searching. About 2 years ago I felt so energetic and so happy with what I did. I literally was happy for no reason. But now I feel like I am not enjoying what I do. I feel so happy helping people and seeing how they grow inside and outside, yet at the end of the day I don’t feel complete.I feel that what I am doing is because I have to and not because I love and enjoy doing it. I have re-read and study your books again to get back the amazing spark to my life.

  6. scott #

    I’m saying a prayer for you, Claudia. Keep seeking, praying, and you will find your path. You’ve felt the spark before, so you know what you are looking for. Keep charging!!!

  7. Dave #

    Since that little red book hit me between the eyes 20+ years ago, I’ve only ever worked for myself. Sure, the paycheck has had a few different company names on it, but I’ve said it a thousand times (to paraphrase you) “If I’m not having fun, I need to be doing something else!” And ohhh, man, I am having some serious fun now!!! 🙂

  8. scott #

    Congratulations, Dave!! On with the adventures!!

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