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College – Propaganda Camps

I must admit that I have had a huge advantage over a large percentage of less fortunate people.  Conditions in my early years were such that I did not suffer what many my age did, and that was going to college.  Large numbers of young people still waste tens of thousands of dollars and years of their lives pursuing “higher education”.

Liberals believe that they, alone, understand how the world should be run and how people should live their lives.  The leftist intelligentsia, who teach at our nation’s colleges and universities really believe that they are smarter and more evolved than we are, thus their “higher learning”.  Higher education does not mean more useful, practical education.  It means learning to think like they want you to think.

Today’s colleges are the propaganda training camps of the liberals.  They have taken over the campuses of America and train people to be parasites of the system.  And we help pay for kids to be sent to these Socialist/Marxist training camps!

As you associate, so you become.  After four years of living, breathing and absorbing socialist thought, perfectly good kids with so much potential emerge mutated and are sent out to infect society and threaten our freedom.  I realize that some young people want to become doctors, engineers, or some occupation that requires a college degree, and they have to be sent in.  We are going to have some collateral damage.

The times, they are a changin’ …again!  The 60s are back with a vengeance – only this time, it is our turn to “speak out against the madness”.  We have been too tolerant of those who want to destroy this country.  It’s the 11th hour.  We are either going to stand up for what we believe and fight for freedom, or we’re going down.  Join me and all who want to live free in this fight!   Scott Alexander

Copyright 2012 by Scott Robert Alexander

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05 2012

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  1. Frank Godon #

    Scott – this is bang on – and a few years ago I decided that unless I start teaching these young kids a different way no one will – I tried in Canada and America but its too difficult to get in and if you do – once you start teaching them to learn to think for themselves you find yourself fired – so I had to come to Russia where they welcomed me with open arms and said please help show our students how to work for them selves – now one of the finest universities in Russia the St Petersburg university of management and economics has invited me to run programs this fall – and they will allow me to bill the students directly – one of the classes will be Rhinoceros Success based on your book – it will be announced in August and they are allowing for only 60 places and expect it to fill up rather quickly

  2. scott #

    Imagine that! “Rhinoceros Success” being taught in college! It could only happen in Russia!!! It’s great to have you on the front lines, Frank!!!

  3. C. Roxanne Nix-Malloy #

    Frank Gordon that is awesome. You are a true rhino man!

  4. Gary Kohl #

    I believe this holds true for our K-12 education systems as well. The same liberal propaganda has eased its way in to our children’s education. Then to make it worse, parents are encourage to get their kids into the education system sooner and sooner. Children are not only robbed of their childhood but are indoctrinated into a socialist society way too soon. We would be wise to remember the words of Adolph Hitler….”Give me the mind of a child and he’ll be mine for life.” We need to be really careful about what our children are exposed to. We often seem to know this in terms of what we allow them to watch and hear on tv and in movies (although even that is questionable for many parents), but we seem to be blind to the socio-economic thinking that they are exposed to, even at a very early age.

    Remember the law of sowing and reaping applies in all cases!

  5. scott #

    Great points, Gary!!

  6. Bec #

    @Frank That is amazing, now that’s a college I would go to.
    It’s exactly the same over here in Australia. Luckily for me though, I was home-schooled by the two biggest rhino’s I know and they had me reading Rhino Success when I was 8.
    I am now 18, live with my partner in our own home, own 2 cars, and run my family company. And if 1 more damn person tells me I need to go to college to be successful I will be running them down…

  7. scott #

    Love it! Keep charging, Bec!!

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