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Surviving the Obama Torpedo.

America, previously know as “Land of the Free”, is going down.  The takers now outnumber the givers.  Obama won his 2nd term because the people that suck on the teats of the government have spread like a cancer over our nation.

While private industry shrinks, the government grows wildly.  Most of those workers will have voted for Obama.  All the people taking money from the government in any form, whether it is food stamps, welfare, free phones, or assistance of any kind, turned out in droves for Obama to keep it coming.  There are even business people that have government contracts that voted for him to keep it rolling.

If it’s not a handout that brought people to vote for Obama, it is something like being afraid that if someone like Romney won, they wouldn’t be able to abort a baby.  Others have gay friends and they are concerned that their friends may not be allowed to marry.  Lots of Obama supporters hate Romney because he is rich.  Success has become an immoral concept in America!  Ambition is seen as greed, and to strive for financial independence is viewed as selfish by this new, progressive America.

Our country is like a drug addict who doesn’t have the discipline or desire to quit.  We just had our chance, but we are too weak and voted for another four years.  It may be good. Oftentimes, it takes hitting rock bottom for an addict to turn his life around.

Being in the field of motivation, I hate to say it, but things are going to get worse.  Way worse!  Businesses will not grow in this environment.  In fact, more and more businesses will shut down, while more people jump over to have the government take care of them.  Obamacare will suffocate the economy.   Government will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate and infiltrate every area of our lives.

Our drunk country will stagger with glazed eyes, continue to deny that it has a problem, and continue drinking.  We are eventually going down.  At that point, there may be hope.  It will be either stop the drinking, or die.  Like a dog infested with fleas and ticks, the parasites will eventually kill the dog.

So, what do we as freedom loving, productive members of this drunk society do?  We are Rhinos – we keep charging!!  Damn the torpedoes!  It is going to be tough, but we have two-inch-thick skin.  There are going to be hardships, but we weigh 6,000 pounds.  There will be many disappointments, but we have the attitudes that will keep us going.  We have each other!!

History is full of amazing stories of people who withstood the most dire of circumstances and succeeded.  Let’s view this period of the next four years as one of those times.  All the ingredients are here for an inspiring story of a group of freedom loving people who hung in there as their country collapsed, after which they brought it back to new heights of freedom and prosperity.  Yeah, let’s do that!!!   It will be an adventure.  Keep the faith, keep the vision, and most of all, keep charging!!!   Scott Alexander

Copyright 2012 by Scott Robert Alexander

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11 2012

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  1. Dave H. #

    Scott, your words, as usual, provide the pick-me-up I need.

    I moped about Tuesday night pondering solutions and went to sleep understanding that there is no solution. People I had once embraced as friend and partner abandoned reason for their portion of a government handout. People who stand the most to lose, voted out of fear of a religion. As you can imagine it began as very restless night’s sleep.

    As the new morning broke I opened my little red book. It spoke of thick jungles and torpedoes hurling at high speed to knock me down. Then it gave up my solution: 1) turn to my Safari Guide, Jesus Christ and 2) keep charging.

    All the political links are off my Facebook page, I even missed the news last night. So many things I have neglected because of my vision of what might be, today they shined with their newly renewed importance. One day in my mud puddle and your post this morning, both were medicine for a broken heart that loves what this country could be.

    Guess now I may need to zig where I use to zag, I even put on an extra set of armor this morning. But Scott, let me tell you, I have been blessed with so many righteous friends, new ideas and adventurous paths to explore, my head no longer stings from Tuesday, my hoofs are churning for tomorrow and my mind is at peace with today.

    Thank you for your wisdom my Sensei!

  2. scott #

    Dave, it is an absolute honor and pleasure to be charging with you on this new mission and adventure!

  3. Will Davis #

    I look forward to your new blog posts. They, just like your books are uplifting and are a great thing to look forward to use. Thank you for all of the work you put into being positive and uplifting for people like me that need a little bit more of a pick me up.

  4. 4

    Excellent, Scott. As usual.

  5. scott #

    I appreciate that, Glenn!

  6. scott #

    I am honored, Will! Keep charging!!!

  7. James Merritt #

    4 more years with Obama is just a circumstance we all will need to work around. Scott I believe that what you describe is true, but also believe that if we want change it starts with ourselves. Rhinos are touch creatures and they stand up for themselves even at their own demise. We take the time to speak the truth even when the truth stings. Want laziness in America to go away be the leader and lead the way. Charge!!!

  8. Jimmy Yeager #

    I bought your books 30 years ago and have been a Rhino ever since. I own my own business and have enjoyed success since the day we opened in 1997. I am a registered Republican so I could vote for Ron Paul in the primaries in Colorado. However, I happily voted for President Obama. I think you are dead wrong in your gross generalizations about President Obama and his supporters. I believe that success at the expense of integrity is backwards. Yes we live in a complex world with not simple solutions to our problems. But we live in it together and we must find the solution together. Even a Rhino cannot do it alone. Without government help the ‘real’ rhino will be extinct soon at the hands of those who resemble the ‘Romney’s’ of the world. We are all in this together. Your words of motivation are certainly well received and your analogies of not being a cow and instead model yourself after the great Rhino is also well received. However, your political rhetoric resembles more of the Hyena. You talk about not wasting time….well, it would be nice to see you stop wasting time on being counterproductive and spend your time on being part of the solution.

  9. Jimmy Yeager #

    I say all that with the utmost respect for your shared libertarian views. I too consider myself libertarian at heart. I just cannot stand to see a war on liberals and cannot understand how gross generalizations can possibly be productive or intelligent.

  10. PJ #

    A lady, traditional Catholic, has on her car, “SIN PUT OBAMA IN”.

  11. Kevin Berghs #

    Hi Scott,

    I just recently picked up my old copy of Rhinoceros Success, to remind myself that I am really a Rhino at heart. I agree wholeheartedly with your Libertarian views and sadly see the world we live in becoming eerily similar to a mixture of “Atlas Shrugged” and “1984”.

    In Atlas Shrugged the people began to despise anyone who succeeded and would brand them as selfish and uncaring of their fellow man, when really the exact opposite is true. Only rich people have the resources to truly help their fellow man.You need excess time, money or goods, in order to share with others. Poor people can only empathize!!!

  12. scott #

    Right on, Kevin!!

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