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Be Prepared to be Exploited.

Have you ever heard that the wealthy accumulate wealth by exploiting the poor?  This is typical of the disingenuous rhetoric that liberals like Obama use to divide people into competing groups or races.

If you understand the one rule of free enterprise – You must give to get – you can see that it is the ones who choose not to contribute (the poor) who exploit those who do get off their butts and try to be successful, despite having a government that demonizes them and will tax any productive work they do.

The poor have nothing to exploit!  It is the contributors, the people that work for a living, the productive members of society that provide the poor their welfare payments.  That is exploitation!

These “poor” people are not homeless in the streets with nothing to eat. They are in heated, air conditioned houses with plenty of food, phones and television sets.  They are poor because they have been robbed of their self-esteem, their initiative and the drive to be free by having the government continue to change their diapers, feed them, and now take their temperature.

As the government grows, it focuses on taking care of more people, because that means that they get to steal more money from you and I to pay for their voting bloc … I mean the poor.

I don’t see this as turning out well.  The best thing you can do for yourself and for our country is to get rich.  Yes, you will be exploited.  Your money will be confiscated to pay for those who have given their souls to a government that is intent on “transforming” the United States into a third world cow pasture.  But, the movie is not over yet.  There is always a chance that the good guys will win.  Keep fighting, keep giving and keep charging!!

Copyright 2013 by Scott Robert Alexander

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03 2013

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  1. Dave H. #

    By their very nature, do-ers will continue to do. You can not train a wild rhino to sit, politely, at the table of government handouts with tucked napkin and fork in toe; hence the entrepreneur will never stop creating new opportunities.

    We are forced, for now, to hold our cards a little closer to our two inch thick skin as our magnanimous nature is forced under covers. The good news is we will still have cards! Ready to be played when the events of the world evolve to prove the point that “only as government recedes can people be free.” Even the cows will soon see that on the path to their “pursuit of happiness”, a highway free from the obstacles of government intrusion, is in fact, the only path.

  2. scott #

    Brilliantly spoken, Dave!

  3. Russ Goddard #

    Excellent Scott! Thanks for putting into simple-yet-pointed language what so many of us understand. I am frustrated and maybe even a little disillusioned about what is going on, but I have not lost my dreams. In fact, I am about to embark on a journey that my cow co-workers will think is crazy and insane. They may even call me irresponsible because they just won’t get it. If you are a rhino and don’t want to become a cow, you really have no choice but to charge forward regardless of the conditions, before you get to the point where you start acting like all the cows around you.

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