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Take a Walk on the Rhino Side!

Motivation is the condition of being motivated.  Being motivated means having a motive, and a motive is something that is going to cause you to take action.  You have got to have a reason to get up on Monday morning with excitement, otherwise it is easier just to be a cow grazing in the pasture.   No reason equals no motivation.  No why means no way.

Rhinos have a purpose.  They have a target that they are charging toward.  They wake up in the morning with a damn-the-torpedoes spirit, and when they get hit by a torpedo, they get back up and continue charging.  That’s what a motive does for you.

What is your motive, your passion, your reason?  If you don’t have one, that explains why you enjoy hanging around in the manure and chewing your cud with the other cows.  Nothing wrong with that lifestyle… we need  cows!  They provide a scenic view on our drives through the country, they provide milk and meat for us Rhinos, and cow hides make great wallets.

Be a cow or a Rhino.  It’s your choice.  My recommendation is to take a walk on the Rhino side.  Find your passion, change your world and make a difference.  Keep charging!!

Copyright 2013 by Scott Robert Alexander

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03 2013

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  1. Cristina #

    I Love Mondays, recently I come to mexico for work reasons, I though my stay here would be for six months, so I take a room in the flatmate category, unfortunately for me…my flatmate is a cow… ohhhhhh My God, she sleep all day… and her day is the night… smoke, eat candies, no salad, she is very fat morbid obesity, very auto destructive behavior, and have two cats so the flat is plenty of hair cats, and smell to cat poop, she slam doors all time … my flatmate is my torpedo …I just made reservations in a hotel… I am so happy to leave this …. my impression about people here, I sorry… but is not good… opportunism yes…every where…how to fight with this.. now that I know I will go…I feel very happy …and ready for the next torpedo …hope not other flatmate 🙂

  2. scott #

    Hang in there, Cristina! Look for the Rhinos!! They’re out there!

  3. Mario #

    El mensaje de Scott en relación a la television cambio mi vida realmente, increible ya no veo televicion me estoy ahorrando mucho tiempo de mi vida, esto con tan solo escuchar al rinoceronte, bien Scott. Felicidades.

  4. 4

    Just read your book Rhinoceros Success.
    Thank You! I’ve always wanted to be one, now I know. It is my calling!

  5. scott #

    Keep charging, Deborah!!!

  6. 6

    Thanks Scott!
    I’m new to fb. And this tablet , I’m learning. I’m loving your articles. I am becoming a Rhinoceros. Soon I will wake up one morning and it will be second nature to me. I can visualize myself Charging and being that happy, Bold, adventurist, enthusiastic, energetic, cheerful, friendly, joyful Rhinocerous God has made me to be. Thank you Scott for your books, articles, and forbeing who you are, and helping me to be the best me I can be. Keep sharing, there are so many of us out there wanting to break out from being cows, sheep, goats. And just waiting for permission, and someone to shinde a light on the possibility that is there for each of us. We just need to ha ve our eyes opened up to it. God bless you Scott!

  7. scott #

    Thank you so much, Deborah! I appreciate that. Keep charging!!

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