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Broken Horn

On a recent move from Alabama to California, I found that my papier mache rhino head was dehorned by some settling of  contents.  At first, I felt sick about it and resolved to have it repaired, but after some reflection, I have determined that it is more of a motivating symbol to me with the broken horn.

We are rhinos charging around in the jungle chasing our dreams, and we are gonna get knocked down every once in a while.  When you pursue life with a “damn the torpedoes” attitude, you gotta expect to get hit by them.  That’s why we have two-inch-thick skin.  We get hit, we get bruised and bloodied, but we get back up and we keep charging!!

Rhinos have scars.  They are signs of being alive and attempting great things.  Cows, on the other hand, are penned in to a pasture and taken care of so that they don’t get scarred.  Their skins end up as rugs.

Welcome the broken horns, the hurts and disappointments from living a life of freedom and adventure.  Keep charging!!    Scott Robert Alexander

Damn the torpedoes!!

Damn the torpedoes!!

Copyright 2013 by Scott Robert Alexander

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10 2013

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  1. 1

    Love your attitude, and your posts Scott! Next time you are in Atlanta I hope I can meet up with you in person! Dinner and drinks are on me. Your friend, and fellow unicyclist…

  2. Dave H. #

    Scott your optimism is truly inspiring!

  3. scott #

    OK, buddy! Looking forward to that!

  4. scott #

    I appreciate that, Dave. Let’s keep our hooves pounding the jungle floor!

  5. 5

    DAMN THOSE TORPEDOES is right. They certainly try their very best to take us off course (like busting up a horn or two), but they are no match for the ever charging, ever overcoming spirit of the RHINO!

    MOOve over cows – there is a busted horn rhino charging through!!!!!

  6. scott #

    Paula, you just added another layer of motivation to my torn up rhino!

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