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When you wish upon a star. What really happens.

Imagine if it was discovered that making a wish when you see a shooting star was a sound scientific truth for realizing your dreams.  New evidence proves that if you make your wish within 15 seconds of seeing the shooting star, it will come true.

Are you ready with your wish?  When you see the next shooting star, are you going to hesitate because you are not sure?  Have you thought this through?  It’s pretty important.

As it turns out, the shooting star is not necessary.  The important part is having the wish!  Know what you want!  Take that wish and let it absorb into your soul.  Let it wash through your mind and heart and become part of you.  Your wish will come true.  Enjoy the magical adventure!!

Copyright 2013 by Scott Robert Alexander

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10 2013

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    Short but sweet article. It all starts with a dream. Then that dream can turn into a goal, and as we continue to go towards that goal, that goal can become a reality.

    I’ve been playing ClashFlow 101 by Rich Dad, Poor Dad, to sharpen my Rhino thinking more into a Rhino that God has called me to be.

    You start out on a small round wheel (known as the rat race) and you keep going round and round until you learn how to get out of the rat race with passive income. Once you figure out how to get out of the rat race by having more passive income than your job can possibly offer you, then things really pick up and the bigger deals come along and you’re no longer stuck on the rat race wheel bound by a J.O.B.

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